Language Immersion Courses in Peru

AC Spanish Classes

Lima, Peru
AC Spanish Classes is a Spanish language school, based in Peru. The school offers general Spanish courses as well as programs for special purposes like health, law, and business. Courses are available for six different levels, while classes are held in small groups of maximum of 5 students. AC Spanish has adopted a Total Quality method with regard to Spanish language teaching and a Holistic method for students whatever their native language is. Students have come from England, France, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Germany, U.S.A., The Caribean, Japan, Korea, China, Iran, and many others. The... See full description.

Academia Superior de Idiomas

Pimentel, Ecuador
Since its inception in 1988, Academia Superior de Idiomas has been a language school offering high quality Spanish classes to all of its foreign students at locations in Ecuador and Peru. Our vision has always been to provide an optimum level of Spanish learning that is unmatched anywhere in South America. We are one of the only Spanish schools in Peru providing a certification approved by the ministry of education on completion of your lessons.

Amauta Spanish School

Cusco, Peru
Amauta Spanish School is a language teaching organization, established in 1996. Since its founding the school has been offering students top quality Spanish courses, volunteering programs and excursions. Our AMAUTA schools are situated in Peru and Argentina, enabling students to learn the Spanish language while immersing themselves in the ancient Inca culture. Besides the general Spanish learning options, the school offers specialized courses like Spanish for Families, Medical Spanish and Telf. Both individual and group classes are available, all led by highly qualified instructors, who... See full description.

Ceica-Peru Spanish School

Arequipa, Peru
Ceica-Peru is a Spanish language school, operating in the city of Arequipa, the main city of southern Peru. The course options available at the institution include general Spanish, offered at various skill levels, as well as specialized options such as Quechua, Peruvian History, Peruvian, Literature, And Commercial Correspondence. Accommodation is arranged for students, too. They can stay with local families, and this ensures total immersion into the language, too. A diverse range of cultural activities are organized by the school as well.

El Sol - Spanish Language School

Lima, Peru
El Sol Spanish Language School is a specialized language teaching center in Peru, geared at international students coming from all over the globe. It is based in the seaside district of Miraflores, Lima. Students have the chance to pursue their Spanish learning goals in small groups of no more than six students; a good variety of social and cultural activities are organized by the school, too. Another noteworthy fact is that El Sol is the only Spanish language school in Lima, approved by the Peruvian Ministry of Education. Accommodation is with local families.

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About Language Immersion Courses in Peru

Do you have a desire to learn Spanish, but are having a difficult time mastering it through books, tapes or other rote methods?  Would you be interested in studying Spanish in a country where the language is consistently spoken, combining a language-learning experience with an exciting vacation abroad?  If so, you may want to check out all the fabulous language schools and language courses in magnificent Peru, a country that will awe you with its beauty and thrill you with its attractions.  Studying Spanish in Peru, while living in the country for a time, is an experience that simply has no equal.  It’s an opportunity to master the Spanish language by being fully immersed in Peruvian society, while also learning the country’s history, culture and traditions.  To help you get started, below we will briefly describe some of the aspects and characteristics associated with the Spanish language programs in Peru, followed by a short list of some of the wonderful and inspiring attractions you’ll want to check out while visiting the country.
Language Schools and Language Courses in Peru
Studying Spanish in a Peruvian language school is a far cry from some of the traditional language acquisition programs you may have tried at home.  The number one reason for this is the instructors employed at these schools are Peruvian, which means aside from being certified and highly-qualified language instructors and language specialists, they are also native speakers who can help you grasp the intricacies of the language.  Class sizes are kept intentionally small, often only 5-10 students, leaving sufficient time for the instructor to focus on each student individually during the course of the program. 
Peruvian language schools offer individual and group classes, with numerous opportunities for students to practice what they’ve learned with fellow classmates.  All classes are conducted as “full immersion courses,” a language-learning technique in which all of the instruction is in Spanish, and Spanish is spoken solely during the course of the program, whether you are in the classroom or not.  Classes are complemented by a range of social and cultural activities organized by the school, and when classes and/or events are not being conducted you’ll be free to explore the country and its various cities, visiting sights and attractions, eating at authentic Peruvian restaurants and shopping.
Language-Learning in Peru:  Things to Do and See
  • Machu Picchu.  No trip to Peru would be complete without a visit to renowned Machu Picchu.  Considered the Holy Grail for lovers of Inca monuments, the enigmatic lost city of Machu Picchu is the most famous archaeological site in all of South America. Machu Picchu features a spectacular collection of temples, terraced hills and plazas, and was known as the mountain-top citadel of the Inca under the leadership of Pachacutec and Tupac Yupanqui, prior to the arrival of Pizarro and the Europeans.
  • Museo Larco Herrera.  To help you better understand the ancient history and culture of Peru, there is no better place to visit than the Museo Larco Herrera.  Here you will find a chronological overview of 3,000 years of history, one that takes you through pre-Inca cultures and pre-Colombian art, to present-day interpretations of pre-Hispanic ceramics.
  • Lima Plaza de Armas (Plaza Mayor).  Lima Plaza de Armas or Main Square is the heart and birthplace of Lima, the Peruvian capital.  The plaza is beautifully landscaped with palm trees, elaborate lampposts, flower beds, and greenery, and its main focal points are the 1,650-tiered bronze fountain in the center and the statue of Francisco Pizarro on horseback nearby.  If possible, try to visit at precisely 11:45am to watch the changing of the guard, or visit any time to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the plaza.
Naturally, this is just a small sample of the wonderful things to do and see in Peru, but if your goal is to combine a fun and effective language-learning experience with a world-class holiday, you’d be wise to place Peru near the top of your destination list.

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