Language Immersion Courses in Poland

Centre for Polish Studies

Warsaw, Poland
Centre for Polish Studies is a language school, operating in the cities of Sopot and Warsaw, Poland. It offers courses for Erasmus students, evening courses, as well as individual learning options in the Polish language. The school takes special pride in its well-experienced teachers, who are native speakers with good qualifications to teach the language to foreign students. The teaching methods of the institution take into account all aspects of language learning - reading, writing, speaking and comprehension. The teaching materials used include excerpts from the most recent... See full description.

Department of International Polish Studies, Jagiellonian University

Krakow, Poland
The department of International Polish Studies (IPS) is a subsidiary of Polish Studies offered at Jagiellonian University. IPS is a program to cultivate an international outlook and multicultural awareness among students. Moreover, there is an all new MA program in Polish Studies, Jewish Studies and History consisting of two years of full time study. One of the scholarships offered by IPS is the Lane Kirkland Scholarship. It is an exchange activity which began in 2000 by the aid of the Polish American Freedom Foundation (PAFF). Jagiellonian University is ascribed by the United States... See full description.

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About Language Immersion Courses in Poland

There are lots of Polish language schools as well as language immersion courses in Poland. Such schools and courses are a valuable device for anybody seeking to work as a translator seeking to make a living by offering translation services from English to Polish or from Polish to English. This could prove extremely useful to a foreigner who wishes to win a contract in Poland.

That being said, Polish is not the easiest language to learn. It is a Balto-Slavic language that is closer to Russian than any other European language. Russian itself is considered one of the most difficult languages to learn and Polish is no different.  Another challenge for English speakers is an alphabet that is very different apart from a grammatical structure that has little in common with the English syntax.

Growing Popularity of Language Immersion Courses in Poland

Language immersion, simply put, is the method of learning a subject such as management using the Polish language. This is considered one of the best ways of learning a language and the culture of that language.
Polish language schools have done good business and language immersion courses in Poland have done especially well since 2004, when Poland entered the EU and consequently gave a boost to international business. This also meant a boost to the local language schools while translators stood to earn 6 to 16 cents a word.

Teaching Strategies at Language Schools in Poland

Teachers at language schools are primarily native speakers of the language who have graduate degrees. The immersion courses are aimed at making the learner comfortable living and working in Poland and emphasize cultural integration. They achieve this with Polish language props such as maps, calendars, pictures, signs, etc. They also usually have a well-equipped library of audio and video tools apart from games and books.
Usually the trainer emphasizes the use of the Polish language as far as possible. There is no overt attempt to teach grammar; rather, the student is expected to pick up the rules through observation. There is an emphasis on encouraging the student to think in Polish, and iterative vocabulary building is done by exposing the student to progressively more complex conversational situations. There are also online courses developed for those who are not very comfortable in a classroom environment.
Often the prices for such courses are negotiable especially if you chose to learn from a local rather than a language school. One-on-one conversation based learning sessions are especially popular as they are based on a practical approach aimed at helping you learn quickly. There are also “immersion” packs tailored according to the particular needs of a student.
Are Private Tutors Effective?

There are private tutors as well who are doing great business by teaching Polish to foreigners.  They offer private as well as group lessons, particularly in the capital, Warsaw, and surrounding areas. Such lessons are given using various devices such as pictures, CDs and books. Among their customers are diplomats from foreign embassies, foreign employees of multinational companies with offices in Poland. Typically, in this method of teaching, the instructor becomes a friend rather than a teacher.  Therein lies his effectiveness.

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