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Language Immersion Courses in Portugal

A TradiMillenium

Cascais, Portugal
A TradiMillenium is an organization, offering various language services – courses, translations and interpretations. They aim to be very flexible, making available company courses, individual and group classes, classes for children, classes after work and on Saturdays, as well as preparation classes for exams. Translations and interpretations are provided in German, French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Hungarian, Russian, Swedish, Romanian, Italian, the Baltic States Languages, Dutch, Polish, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Hebrew, Chinese.

CIAL Centro de Linguas

Lisboa, Portugal
Learn Portuguese in Portugal. Portuguese language school for businesses and individuals. Founded in 1959 General language courses, Portuguese + Surf, Social and extra curricular activities available and accommodation on request. Accreditation for US universities.

Escola de Línguas

Lisbon, Portugal
Escola de Línguas is a language school and translations agency, located in Lisbon, Portugal. The school offers individual and group language courses in Portuguese and English, and the method applied is constant communication between teacher and student, without using the student’s native language. The school also offers specialized classes to prepare students for international exams, from the University of Cambridge Local Examination’s Syndicate. For the Portuguese for foreigners classes, the school also offers to take care of the participants’ accommodation.

Falamos Português - Portuguese Lessons

Lisbon, Portugal
Falamos Português is a Portuguese language and culture school in the center of Lisbon. We offer courses for all levels in groups or individual and also online lessons.

Fast Forward Porto

Porto, Portugal
Fast Forward Language Institute was founded in 1991, in Porto, Portugal. The courses, which include intensive, super intensive and executive teachings of Portuguese language are taught in groups (not exceeding a maximum number of 6 students per class) and individually. Moreover, the institution uses modern technological facilities in teaching students. Services such as business centers with free access to internet, money exchange and travel organization are also offered by the institute. Internship is a career option offered, too. Accommodation includes host family, pousadas, apartment... See full description.

Oficina de Português

Porto, Portugal
Oficina de Português is a Portugese Language school, located in Porto, Portugal. It offers a variety of courses based on each individual's needs. There are standard, intensive course programs, as well as city break ones, for those who have come for a visit and only have time during the weekend. Options are offered to Erasmus students, too – Erasmus Portuguese, Part-Time Portuguese, and Extensive Portuguese. These are also suitable for anyone who lives, works, or studies in Portugal. Additionally, an e-learning opportunity is available for distance students. The method that the school... See full description.

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About Language Immersion Courses in Portugal

Language is the key to understanding a culture that might be different from one’s own. Language does not constitute the whole of it, but certainly helps in getting a feel of the nuances and the core elements of a country and its culture.
Portugal, geographically located on the south western extremity of Europe, like the rest of the continent, has its own formal language structure. The official language of Portugal is Portuguese, which has a rich history spanning over centuries. Portuguese, however, is not spoken in this country alone. Portuguese is truly a international language and is considered the official lingua franca in over eight countries- including nations as far as Brazil, Mozambique and East Timor! Hence there is a growing need for a holistic method for learning Portuguese through the varied Portuguese language immersion courses in Portugal. These courses are imparted by some of the finest Portuguese language schools for international or foreign students in the country.
The Portuguese language is one of the Romance languages and it comes from a medieval form of Spanish. Currently there are over 272 million Portuguese speakers around the world, with the majority of this living in Brazil. Also, spoken in certain African and South-East Asian countries, it is the fifth most common language in the world today.
Linguistically, Portuguese and Spanish are quite similar, owing to the proximity of Spain and Portugal. Although it is spoken in various countries, the accents and some pronunciations may differ from country to country.
Higher education in Portugal attracts a lot of international students into the country. Some of the best educational institutes of Europe are located in Portugal, especially in the capital Lisbon. This in turn, has provided a lot of international exposure to the Portuguese education system. The large number of international students who come to attend Portuguese universities, often wish to learn Portuguese; to cater to this growing need, a gamut of Portuguese studies courses, language schools and Portuguese immersion programs have sprung up.
Learn Portuguese in Portugal
Most students or professionals might feel out of place in a new cultural scenario- language being a major hindrance. Although English is an international language and most travelers do have a basic knowledge of English, people who visit Portugal temporarily or for permanent settlement should certainly possess some understanding of Portuguese. If these international students are from countries like Brazil, Angola, Guinea-Bissau or other erstwhile Portuguese colonies, it is somewhat easier for them to grasp the intricacies of the new culture. But then as the economies have opened up globally, a lot of Asian or American students are also coming to Portugal. Designed especially for them, are the Portuguese language immersion courses offered by the Portugal language schools.
Unlike a second language classes (conventional ones), Portuguese immersion courses are more holistic and wholesome as far as understanding of the foreign language (Portuguese in this case) is concerned. The core focus in these specific classes is to teach the language from its original setting. This practically means that international students get a true feel of Portuguese – including the language, the daily usage of it and how it correlates with the culture and history of the country. Hundreds of foreign citizens are admitted at these language classes every year, besides their specific educational courses in Portugal.