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Santa Ana
El Salvador Spanish Schools offer Spanish classes since 1999 in several cities of El Salvador. Personalized courses by university graduate teachers in the teaching of languages. It is a cultural immersion program that offers transportation, accommodation with a Salvadoran family and Spanish lessons in Santa Ana and one on one lessons in the capital San Salvador and La Libertad in the best places to practice surfing.

Language Immersion Courses in El Salvador by City:

Santa Ana

About Language Immersion Courses in El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America. Spanish is the official language spoken by all people in this country. Some people can speak their native languages, like Maya and Nahuatl. English has been the commonly used foreign language.  Many private schools in El Salvador teach French, German and Dutch as secondary languages also.
El Salvador borders Guatemala and Honduras. It boasts of more than 300 km coastline along the Pacific Ocean. The country has some language schools in San Salvador, the capital city and along the coast, which help the individuals study Spanish.

Benefits of learning Spanish

Learning Spanish can help individuals to get job opportunities in El Salvador and other Spanish speaking countries. Spanish skills are considered as a positive aspect by many employers. Businesses that want to expand their customer base in El Salvador can get enormous benefits by learning Spanish. El Salvador is an ideal tourist spot. It has beautiful beaches, precolonial ruins and many other attractions. The travelers who learn Spanish can save a lot of money by riding public transit, getting high end accommodation for affordable rates and bargaining things at shops. They can also gain a keen insight into El Salvador culture. They can connect with people easily and get some unforgettable experiences. Spanish studies help students to get an understanding of the country’s culture, etiquette and custom.

Spanish courses and classes in El Salvador

Students, business people, professionals, and tourists can study Spanish in El Salvador. There are many language schools in coastal destinations, where Spanish language instructions are given at all levels.  Weekly and monthly language programs are available for beginners, intermediates and advanced learners. Conversational Spanish courses are also offered by some schools, which help the tourists to converse with the locals freely and fluently.

Spanish language study programs are offered by some schools at convenient locations in El Salvador. These programs are especially designed for students and travelers who visit El Salvador to enjoy the natural beauty and learn Spanish. Students may be given tests before being admitting into the course, to determine the level of instruction. Individual and group tuitions are available, so the students can choose the program, according to their convenience.

El Salvador language schools offer intensive Spanish programs for medical professionals, religious workers, teachers and others. The professionals can enroll into these programs and study Spanish relevant to their profession.

Spanish immersion programs are ideal for those who want to immerse in the culture of El Salvador and want to be a part of an enjoyable education experience.  Volunteers can enroll into these programs and get a chance to help others, whilst experiencing some adventure. The basic lessons are covered in twenty to twenty hours in a week under this program. One to one instruction is also available to help students learn Spanish quickly and easily. They can also study in more than one location at El Salvador, so that they can get to know the country better. Some programs include home stay feature that allows students to stay with a Spanish family, so that they can put what they learnt into practice.

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