Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Bolivia

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Bolivia

As with any other culture or country, the main goal of starting online education in Bolivia is to provide people, especially the younger ones, an education that they were or are not able to acquire through the conventional methods. Although online education is still quite a new concept in Bolivia, it is being looked upon as a good option, and the possibilities in it are being explored. It is also a great means for continuing adult education.

Many youngsters in Bolivia have to drop out of school for one reason or the other; and online courses and distant education makes it possible for such students to complete their education. There is an ICT or the information and computer technology program in place in the country. And one of its aims is to enhance the quality of primary and secondary education in Bolivia.
To facilitate the system further many community distance learning centers have been established with facilities like computers and internet connections. It is proving to be a great platform for students as well the teachers to share knowledge, learn, receive supplementary education and advance the community development.

As of 2009, around 133 distance learning centers have been created in the country. The online course avenue and the distance education system offer not just the traditional courses and degrees but also for various vocational and social education options too. In Bolivia today, there are about 350 adult education centers, which are run and are dependent upon the ministry of Education of Bolivia. They have more than three thousand teachers helping them out.

Online education programs in Bolivia offer courses in various disciplines such as, language courses, cultural immersion programs, among others. Although there are many popular options like the UK’s Open University and National Technological University in the US to follow as a model, but Bolivia being a primarily Spanish speaking country the government is keen to have a Spanish language based program. Such models could come from countries like Venezuela, Mexico etc.

Although the government of Bolivia is keen to have a distance education and online courses model in place in the country, but the technology-cost of the widespread implementation of such a program could pose some problems for the government. However, the Bolivian government is committed to looking for new ways to incorporate and implement information and computer technologies

Some of the biggest advantages that the distance learning schools offer are flexible learning hours, studying at your own pace, daily online interaction with the teachers and classmates, a user-friendly program, qualifies teachers and the trainers, and all the offered online courses are reviewed and approved by Bolivian government bodies.

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