Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Costa Rica

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Costa Rica

The internet continues to provide broad opportunities for many people around the world, and education is not exception. Online education and post-secondary degree programs are making education more accessible to the people of Costa Rica, whether they live in urban or rural areas. This is a huge benefit for the country, who has been promoting distance education opportunities since the 1970s. As technologies have improved, distance education options in Costa Rica have become more varied.

In its inception, La Universidad Estatal a Distincia, the national distance education provider in Costa Rica, was designed to offer various educational opportunities to people living in rural areas. Most of the brick and mortar post-secondary educational institutions are located in San Jose, the nation's largest city. For those who wanted to receive specialized training or a college education had to migrate to the city. This put a strain on the city's ability to provide all the functions needed for the increased population. This also kept the quality of living in rural areas lower than that of more highly educated areas of the country.

The idea behind UNED was to bring education to those who need it, rather than the other way around. Career training opportunities that distance education provides has the ability to help improve the quality of living to the people in rural areas, as the educational and skill training the inhabitants is vastly improved through education.

Online degree programs, and online courses are also being offered through UNED, as well as the other universities in Costa Rica, expanding the people's educational opportunities even further. There are now fully online degree programs, as well as offerings for a wide array of disciplines, for those who wish to take courses remotely. This opens up many educational opportunities for those living in rural areas, adults, or those who need to work while attending school. There are a number of scholarships and other forms of financial aid available for students wishing to learn remotely, which can help to offset the cost of education, which can make attending college prohibitive for many.

Remote educational opportunities such as distance education, online degrees, and online courses are becoming more and more readily available in Costa Rica, whether obtained through UNED, or from one of the high quality public or private universities. As technology improves and is disseminated across the nation, access to this type of education is also increased. This provides for expanded career options for those living in both rural and urban areas, and in the end, will improve the quality of life for the nation as a whole.

Costa Rica's post-secondary educational institutions are known for providing high quality education, and these new modes of teaching allow more and more people to take advantage of these institutes of higher learning. For those who wish to study at a university in Costa Rica without having to move, this is also a great option. Costa Rica is home to many high quality educational institutions, and these distance education options make these institutions accessible to those even outside of Costa Rica.

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