Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Ecuador

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Ecuador

Ecuador is the second smallest country in South America. It is renowned for its rich culture and natural beauty. Higher education sector is in the budding stage in Ecuador. Many external forces, including economic and political conditions have challenged the progress of higher education. The cost of higher education is very low in public universities. However, private institutions charge high tuition fees. Though admission criteria vary from institution to institution, all the public universities require students to have passed their secondary school exams with satisfactory grades. Online degrees and courses are designed to help students who do not get admission into the degree program of their choice. In Ecuador, the number of under graduates that go on to pursue graduation courses and doctorate courses are extremely low. Only some of the university professors have a master’s degree, and a few have a doctoral degree. Online degrees and distant learning schools in Ecuador can help increase the number of people pursuing higher education.

Nowadays, many universities in Ecuador are changing to adapt to the changes of today’s technological world. Online degree programs and courses offer an opportunity to those who find it difficult to attend traditional schools to complete a degree and enhance their career prospects. Bachelors, Master’s and Doctorate are the popular online degree programs offered by universities in Ecuador. Language courses are offered by some reputable institutions that help students build their language skills conveniently.

Online Degrees and Courses in Ecuador

Online degrees and courses in various disciplines are offered by various universities in Ecuador. Bachelor’s degree programs are offered in accounting, information technology, business management, marketing, computer science and so on. Some institutions offer the degree programs entirely online, whereas some others require students to attend a certain number in classroom or face to face sessions. Most of the students that take online courses complete them within three years.

Spanish programs are the most popular online courses in Ecuador. Basic, intermediate and advanced courses are offered by institutions; and students can choose the program that best suits their skill level. Spanish language online programs are ideal for travelers, business people, students and professionals from other countries.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is another popular online course that teaches the students various techniques and methods of teaching English to non-native English speakers. The course programs take two months or more to complete. Online courses are much cheaper than the traditional programs. The course program prepares students in various areas, such as teaching English reading, teaching English writing, pronunciation and classroom management.

Distance learning schools in Ecuador

Some universities in Ecuador collaborate with universities in other countries, especially those in the United States, to offer distance learning programs. Spanish teacher training courses are offered by some distance learning schools, which help domestic and foreign candidates to get into the profession of teaching Spanish. Students receive course materials from Distance learning institutions that include the theory of each subject. These courses are the best option for those who do not have time to attend a daily classroom course. The length of the course varies from institution to institution. However, it typically lasts for 60 hours.

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