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Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in France


Nice, France
Telefrench is an online learning environment, aiming to offer an innovative, but efficient way to learn French. Skype and Windows Live Messenger are the means through which classes with native French speakers are offered. Thus, anyone can study at their own pace and convenience. Lessons are tailor-made, and cover all learning levels. On top of DELF and DALF preparation, there are also conversation classes, French courses in business, and personalized homework. The founder of the online school is a law graduate, who developed the method after practicing distance learning in Japan.... See full description.

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About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in France

With the widespread availability and growing appeal of the Internet, distance learning via online courses is become increasingly popular. This marvelous medium, which seems to have made all aspects of daily life a little faster and easier, has now allowed the power of education and learning to spread to all corners of the earth. And because online courses benefit both the student and the school, more and more universities today, including many in France, have developed a distance learning program to serve its students. In this article we will provide a brief definition of distance learning and how it typically works in France, followed by a list of online degree programs now being offered in this country.

What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning has been around for decades, even before the advent of the Internet. Back then teachers would send students assignments via the post, and students would complete the required work and mail the packet back to be evaluated and graded. This was a slow and inefficient process, which is probably the reason it was only adopted by a few select schools. Fast forward to today, however, and it seems like every college and major university in the world has begun to offer online courses and online degree programs.

In France, the online form of distance learning has made it faster and easier for students and instructors to communicate. Email, instant messaging, video conferencing and virtual classrooms have made it almost effortless for teachers to impart necessary information to students, and have streamlined the lines of communication between both parties. Schools benefit from online courses because it frees up valuable classroom space, but the real benefits belong to the student. As a rule, online courses are more affordable than their brick-and-mortar counterparts, and they are certainly more convenient, allowing students to work at their own pace at the time of day that’s most convenient for them. The great part is students receive the same level of instruction, without having to make the daily commute to school—a definite plus for those without transportation and for full-time employees who lack the time to drive back and forth to school.

Online Courses and Online Degrees in France

France offers a countless number of online degree programs. Some of these will require students to assemble once or twice during the term for things like test-taking, guest lectures, and hands-on training, but others have no attendance requirement whatsoever. This means a student in New York could study the French language or art history, with a real French professor, without once stepping foot in France.

A sample of the hundreds of online courses and online degree programs now being offered in France include:

  • Business Management. Planning to enter the field of business management? If so, there is no better place to study than the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et de Management (ESCEM) School of Business and Management. The ESCEM is one of Europe’s most distinguished and well-respected management-education institutions, and in their efforts to meet the high demand for their services, they now offer several of their management degree programs, including graduate-level degrees, through an online platform.
  • French. Where better to study the French language than in France? New language acquisition can be difficult, but schools such as TeleFrench make the process easier and much more enjoyable. At TeleFrench, you’ll receive your assignments and instruction via the Internet and have the unique opportunity to speak two to three times a week with your instructor via video conferencing and instant messaging. This one-to-one format has made TeleFrench very popular with foreign students, many of whom are now fluent thanks to the program.
  • Wine Education. France is known throughout the world for their fine wines, and this particular online course, offered by Capital Vin, located in the South of France, is designed to impart some of the knowledge and secrets that have made the name France almost synonymous with the wine making industry. Designed for those who make, sell and market wine, the class offers tips from a world-renowned grower and taster with over 30 years of experience.

Whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate or advanced degree in your field, or just trying to expand your horizons with knowledge taught from a different perspective, you can bet France has an online program that is perfect for you.