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Accademia del Giglio

Florence, Italy
Accademia del Giglio is a private school, based in Florence, Italy. It operates since 1995 with the primary goal to help international students gain proficiency in the Italian language. The programs offered are Italian language Courses and Drawing and Painting Courses. The intensive Italian courses are carried out in small classes, while levels covered are from beginner to advanced. The quality of the teaching is highly emphasized. The drawing and painting courses can be taken either in English, or Italian, and ensure a great experience in a multicultural atmosphere. All these are... See full description.

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About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Italy

Distance learning through online courses in Italy is a fairly new addition to the country’s higher education system, but despite the late start, the format is proving to be very popular and extremely effective.  While many states in the U.S. first embarked upon online learning back in the early to mid 1990s, it wasn’t until 2001 that this mode of education delivery was approved and made official in Italy.  Below we will discuss Italy’s online distance learning program in a bit more detail, including its history, and some of the goals set forth that have ultimately helped to provide greater academic access and success for a greater percentage of Italian students.

Online Distance Learning in Italy:  A Brief History

On July 13, 2001, the Council of Ministers of Education of the European Union agreed on and put into action a resolution and formal plan that essentially encouraged Italy (and other EU member states) to develop a comprehensive system of distance learning, with courses delivered primarily online that would lead to first, second and third level degrees in a variety of major and minor academic fields.  The goal of these new online universities, called “Universitos Telematica,” in Italian, is to remove the obstacles of distance and the restrictive format of a traditional university education in order to attract new learners who would otherwise be unable to participate.

Online Distance Learning in Italy:  Program Goals

The official rationale offered by the Council of Ministers for the creation of a systematic online distance learning program is a rather lengthy list, but to summarize, below we have listed three of the top goals for the program.

Broaden Students Horizons

One of the great things about online distance learning is its power to broaden the horizons of those that participate in it.  Italy has a diverse and rich culture, but sadly, some Italian students may only experience just a small portion of what the country has to offer.  Through online courses, however, students will be introduced not only to the variety of customs and traditions within Italy, but in the world at large.

Develop New Knowledge

The Italian government realizes the importance and the power of education and new knowledge as a means to meeting new challenges as they arise.  By offering online degree programs, in fields ranging from healthcare to education to business, the university system is able to reach a greater percentage of the populace, providing them with the education and skills they need to succeed in the career of their choice, which ultimately helps the Italian nation as a whole.

Remove Educational Barriers

The online distance education system that is now in place in Italy provides greater access to academic, vocational and technology programs.  What this essentially does is provide those who would otherwise be unable to take advantage of these programs due to distance or time constraints, including adults working a full-time job and those lacking in transportation, with an opportunity to improve their knowledge base and expertise in their particular area of interest.

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