Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Kenya

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Kenya

Kenya has been making significant efforts for raising education levels in the country. Recently the country has taken steps for increasing the number of students pursuing higher education through online and distance learning schools in Kenya. The increasing cost of higher education leads many students in Kenya to opt for online degrees, online courses and distance learning schools. These programs allow students an opportunity to work, whilst pursuing their tertiary education.

In Kenya, around 50,000 students enroll into degree programs in public and private universities, and more than 60,000 gain acceptance in middle level colleges that offer post-secondary career courses that lead to certification, diploma and higher diplomas. Kenya aims to achieve 50 percent improvement in adult education by 2015. The cost of education, full time study and regular attendance are the prime obstacles while achieving this goal. Online degree programs and distance learning schools in Kenya certainly help increase the total number of Kenyan citizens who complete their higher education.

Many universities in Kenya offer distance learning programs, but there is no policy framework in the Ministry of Education to oversee its implementation. However, there certain legislative acts and policy documents for checking the implementation of distance learning in institutions.

Online Degree and Online Courses Kenya

Individuals, who want to pursue higher education, but feel that the traditional face to face’ classes are not suitable for them, can continue their education via online courses in Kenya. Online degrees and courses offered by universities in Kenya allow the students leverage on the broadband internet facilities and make higher education more accessible.

A few accredited universities in Kenya offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs online. Students, who completed Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education with the minimum grade of C + but are not able to obtain an entry into bachelor’s degree programs in a public or private university, can avail the opportunity to study the course of their choice online. Online degree programs and courses in Kenya are offered in many fields like information technology, information science and business. Some universities collaborate with American universities, to offer online degrees that are not available in Kenya, such as Bachelor of Science and Master of Science along, with programs in business administration with specialization in various fields.

Distant Learning Schools in Kenya

The growing need for individuals who have completed higher education in the Kenyan job market over the last two decades, has led to an increase in the establishment of new distant learning schools. These schools offer courses that help meet challenges in post secondary education and training.

Most of the universities that offer distance education programs have an adult studies center. Some of them have additional departments that arrange adult education activities, such as seminars, public lectures and evening courses.
Distance learning schools in Kenya offer B.ED degree programs that last six years. These programs train candidates who hold a teaching diploma to complete their B. Ed degree.

Parallel degree programs are offered by public universities in Kenya for students who meet the basic university admission criteria, but missed the opportunity to secure admission. Students who get admitted to these programs have to attend 45 hours in classes. This program is ideal for part time students. The cost of higher education is comparatively less in distance learning schools than regular universities.

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