Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Latvia

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Latvia

In Latvia, just as in any other country, higher education plays an important role in one’s career development. Holders of General Secondary Education Certificate are eligible to access higher education in Latvia. However, universities in Latvia follow certain independent admission procedures. Some institutions require candidates to take one or more entrance examinations. In some cases, the candidates need to attend an interview. Despite meeting the eligibility criteria for higher education intuitions, some applicants might still fail to obtain an admission into state financed institutions. Some disciplines have high competition, so even fee paid study places may not be available. In addition, some students might not wish to pursue full time class room study, others might prefer to earn while they learn. Online degrees, online courses and distance learning schools in Latvia offer a great alternative for all such students.

Online Degree Programs in Latvia

Those who do not meet the entrance requirements of publicly financed higher education institutions and those who do not have the chance to get admission into their desirable field of study can choose the online degree programs in Latvia. Accredited institutions in Latvia offer online programs in various fields, like arts, health, business and engineering. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs are available online, so those who want to pursue higher education can choose the program according to their qualification.

Master’s degree in business, law, and finance are the most popular postgraduate degrees in Latvia. These degrees offer good employment and career advancement opportunities and are offered by many online schools in Latvia. Master’s degree in Business Administration can be completed conveniently online. Online MBA programs are offered in various concentrations, such as marketing, information technology and General Management.

Online Language Courses in Latvia

Language courses are offered by many online schools in Latvia. Latvian is the official language of the country, and many language schools offer basic, intermediate, and advanced Latvian courses online. English language courses are also available online, which help students to learn vocabulary, grammar and spoken English.

Russian language courses are one of the most popular online courses in Latvia. Almost 50 percent Latvians are Russian speakers. Business Russian courses, General Russian courses and Intensive Russian courses are some of the common online programs that help students learn the language conveniently.

Distance learning schools in Latvia

Distance education is becoming popular in Latvia. Individuals who are not able to pursue higher education in traditional colleges and universities due to work commitments and distance prefer distance learning schools. Innovative management, E-learning technology, business English and E-commerce are some of the sought after distance learning programs in Latvia.

Online based distance learning is also offered by some schools in Latvia, which help individuals acquire basic skills in math and reading, computer skills, IT management, marketing and languages.
Completing higher education successfully, can help individuals boost their career and earning potential. Online degrees and distance learning schools in Latvia offer an opportunity to pursue higher education conveniently from home along with a job or other commitments.