Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Morocco

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Morocco

In the past few years, Morocco has been striving for increased education levels among the population by promoting online education and distance learning courses. Having overcome many odds, there have been great advancements in the use and understanding of ICT application to education in Morocco. At present, there are a range of online and distance learning opportunities in Morocco. Following the 'Education Decade', and with USAID support, the country has put in place, an ICT-based scheme for training teachers and educating people in the country’s rural areas.

What Distance Learning Schools have done for Morocco?

With the push for improved education all around, Morocco felt a need to address the lack of education among rural women. By providing facilities for online training, the traditional roles of teacher – student, and the male-dominated teaching profession, have begun to change drastically. With female students taking the lead in training with new technology, attitudes are now being altered.
Various online education centers in Morocco have been established to bring education to even the most remote areas of the country. Moroccans have generally responded well in embracing online education, and are eagerly utilizing the benefits for educating themselves.
Offering a range of online degrees and courses, alongside general teaching, for raising literacy levels around the country, Morocco is starting to grow in to a well educated knowledge hub. Most of this is the result of a project called the Computer-Assisted Teacher Training (CATT), as a part of which, a range of community-driven educational platforms have been established around Morocco. The project aims to educate teachers in ICT, which in turn leads to educating the population at large. Online education is now available in a range of languages, including several dialects of Arabic, and French.

The Success of Online Colleges in Morocco

The increase in internet exposure in Morocco has led to the success of the online education initiative in the country. There are now a growing number of knowledgeable online tutors available to conduct courses in a variety of disciplines. Many of these tutors have also been educated by online courses in Morocco.
Course material for online courses in Morocco is available with instructions in Arabic, for the benefit of areas where French is not spoken. The dearth of study material in Arabic was one of the many initial challenges faced while promoting online education in Morocco. However, there is now a wealth of Arabic learning material, and it is still growing rapidly, since many online tutors are authoring their own teaching material.
Although Morocco still has a long way to go, when it comes to quality online education and degrees, it has succeeded in making education accessible to its rural sections. Online colleges and distance learning schools are a growing trend in Morocco, with an even greater impact on societal traditions and values.

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