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Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Mexico

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Mexico

Owing to the current social and economic scenario in Mexico, online education has emerged as an extremely useful means of providing education. However, the ICT tools required for pursuing higher education online are still limited to the privileged sections of the population. This is largely due to disparity in income, age, gender, development and other socio-economic factors between various regions in Mexico. However, broadcast media and telecommunication has rapidly progressed in the country and has to some extent, provided a useful alternative for distance education initiatives in Mexico. Moreover, the country is currently making efforts to develop projects to provide universal internet access in the country from the inner-cities, to the outermost rural communities.

School Level Online Education Initiatives in Mexico

The most prominent initiatives taken for providing distance education in Mexico and the use of ICT have happened at the basic education level. 

The Telesecundaria is a program offered by means of the Satellite Television Network (EDUSAT), where lectures are conducted using satellite TV. This program has succeeded in significantly increasing enrolment for lower secondary education, especially from rural areas. This program has proved to be effective because it requires very little infrastructure and only one teacher per grade. Over 1.2 million students enrolled in 2002 into lower secondary education by means of this program, which was almost one fifth of the total enrolment at this level. Although this distance learning program proved to be cost effective, the completion rates of students were seen to be lower than in regular schools.

In addition, other virtual programs like the School Network of Educational Computer Science (Red Escolar) and Enciclomedia were also initiated to further the digitization process on study material as well as providing platforms for developing collaborative educational projects related to various disciplines.

Other notable steps taken in online education at school level include provision for studying online for the school leaving exam (Bachillerato) at Colegio de Bachilleres (SEAD), and collaborating with other Latin American countries for providing online study tools and resources.

Post Secondary Online Education in Mexico

Mexico has also taken some initiative to provide post secondary education and higher education through distance learning schools and virtual campuses. For higher education, Mexico offers a range of online degrees to students, which are recognized by all public universities. Offering services such as virtual classes, online study tools, and the provision for taking tests online, the government is making efforts to increase the number of people pursuing higher education in the country. Online degrees and courses in Mexico offer an excellent alternative to students, who wish to obtain higher educational qualifications, without having to quit their jobs or enter full time study. This is especially beneficial in the underdeveloped rural areas, where the economic scenario does not encourage students to undertake long periods of education without any income generating means.

Mexico's top university offers more than a dozen online courses for students at various levels and in numerous disciplines. Achieving higher education conveniently, benefits students to qualify for better jobs and hence, improve their economic standing.

The virtual university offers a plethora of online programs and professional courses in Mexico. It caters to students looking to earn their bachelor’s, master’s degrees and doctorate degrees, with classes being conducted through its reception centers located round the continent.