Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Nepal

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Nepal

Along with the formal education system in Nepal, the non formal education programs are also rapidly gaining importance. These include online degree courses and distance learning opportunities for residents as well as non residents of the country.

Evolution of Online Education in Nepal

With increasing access to the internet and online study resources, it was realized by educationists in Nepal that introducing online degree courses would perhaps widen the ambit of education in Nepal. This would allow students to continue studies while doing full time jobs, provide them with greater opportunities in learning, and reduce the time and distance constraints. Therefore, universities and colleges in Nepal, either in collaboration with foreign universities or on their own, took up initiatives of establishing open universities and offering online courses.

Although, in distance learning courses, the face to face communication among the teacher and the students had to be done away with to some extent, the issue is being addressed using mass media. Lessons and instructions are provided through electronic messages, and study material is regularly sent over the internet. In addition, tests and evaluations are conducted online. Moreover, some distance learning schools do set up study centers, which offer personalized help.

Courses Offered Online

While many of the online courses in Nepal are offered in regular subjects such as science, social studies, commerce, and so on; a few online courses focus on special training programs for specific target groups. For example, one can find courses on agricultural issues, women studies related topics, health and environmental programs, etc.

Open universities in Nepal also arrange for workshops and seminars in different parts of the country to keep the population updated on issues of public interest. These also make the new generation aware of the opportunities provided by institutes that offer distance learning and online course in Nepal.

One would easily find a number of online courses being offered by different schools and institutes in Nepal for learning different languages. These courses help students learn different languages, which can be of immense use in future. Foreigners looking to learn Nepali also find it helpful when online study material is available for learning the language and basic language degrees can be obtained conveniently from home.

Supervising the Courses

It is crucial that before registering for any online course, proper information about the authenticity of the course and the institute be taken. One must make sure that these courses are recognized by competent authorities and are of real value in the market. It is the responsibility of the governmental authorities in Nepal to keep a proper check on the quality of education imparted through these online degree courses and distance learning centers in Nepal.

Distance learning and online courses are rapidly gaining popularity in Nepal because they reduce the costs involved and also time constraints. It is easier for those who need to earn money as well as education at the same time. Recognizing these facts, more and more distance learning opportunities are coming up in Nepal.