Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Saudi Arabia

About Online Degree, Online Courses and Distance Learning in Saudi Arabia

As a country that has rapidly developed within a short period, Saudi Arabia has come a long way to almost becoming an ICT developed nation. The country currently offers distance learning facilities in numerous disciplines to a variety of age groups. In order to maintain its current growth, it is now a nation that is rapidly expanding in to ICT, adopting all forms of applications of the technology, wherever possible.

Although higher education has developed considerably in terms of quality, it still faces certain challenges while dealing with student capacity. The growth in the demand for higher education has outpaced the universities’ capacity of providing it. The universities are not adequate to cater to the number of students seeking admissions, hence; online education and online degrees in Saudi Arabia have emerged as a brilliant alternative. Online courses, online degrees and distance learning schools in Saudi Arabia have developed not only for raising literacy levels and supporting primary and secondary schooling, but also, as a great way of earning higher education qualifications without physically attending college.

Developing Distance Learning and Online Courses in Saudi Arabia

Distance learning is being implemented in Saudi Arabia, to increase the numbers of potential knowledge workers. However, this is mainly aimed at addressing the gender segregation issues that affect the country deeply. Women have mostly been left out of schooling, particularly in rural areas, where most schools are male-dominated. As a result of this, there is a huge gender imbalance in illiteracy levels in the country. Distance learning and online courses in Saudi Arabia offer women a chance to achieve not only literacy and knowledge, but also professional skills.

The lack of enough female teachers is another problem that has been addressed with the advancement in ICT enabled education. Women can now be taught by male teachers through video links and tutorial videos. Such distance learning facilities extend up to higher education levels, such as bachelor’s and master’s degrees. With lectures delivered online on a daily basis, there is a good level of advancement in knowledge delivery. There is also a virtual classroom environment that allows students to interact with teachers, to work through problems and deliver work assignments. Both Saudi Arabian and non-Saudi Arabian students can enrol into online degree courses in Saudi Arabia.

Recently, a virtual university that offers degrees in various disciplines has opened branches in the country, and it is now expanding throughout Saudi Arabia.

Finally, one can say that Saudi Arabia has been taking initiatives and implementing numerous schemes for furthering distance learning avenues, but at present, it is aimed at addressing the gender segregation issue. With its education establishments mostly being male-dominated, and therefore off-limits to women, distance learning in Saudi Arabia has offered a way of getting around this problem. However, there is still a need to address the issue of distance learning centres as being considered less scholarly than physical establishments, despite assurances of accreditation, online degrees in Saudi Arabia are yet to be recognized officially.

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