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About Primary and Secondary Schools in Egypt

Primary and secondary education in Egypt is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education. In most government schools, education is provided free of cost. The basic education system in Egypt comprises two distinct levels namely the primary school, and the preparatory school. Primary education in Egypt spans six years and the preparatory education lasts three years. The next stage is secondary education, completion of which is mandatory for higher education.
It is mandatory for children aged between six and fourteen to enroll for at least nine years of schooling, which becomes the foundation for their future education. Various stages of basic education in Egypt are elaborated below:
Pre-School Educational System or Kindergarten (Optional)

This stage of primary education in Egypt is not particularly popular since it is neither free nor compulsory. It lasts for two years and focuses on the age groups between four and six years. Pre-school education in Egypt was initially proposed to be made compulsory, but this was later decided against.  In general, most kindergarten centers in Egypt are all located in the urban sections of the country.
Primary Education in Egypt

Primary education is compulsory for all in Egypt. Initially, primary education in Egypt took six years, which was later reduced to five in 1988. About eleven years later it was reverted back to six years. Primary education in Egypt is meant for children aged between six and twelve years, and preparatory education is meant for students aged twelve to fifteen years old. In the years 2000-2001, the number of students enrolled in primary education in Egypt was approximately 7,225,000; and in the preparatory education, there were approximately 2,975,950. At the primary level, children are allowed to attend private schools, government schools or even religious schools.
Students completing preparatory stage of primary education in Egypt are awarded the Basic Education Certificate (shahâdat itmâm al-dirâsa bi-marhalat al-ta`lîm alasâsî). The main subjects taught in primary schools in Egypt include- Mathematics, Science, Literature and Arabic. The curriculum may vary across primary schools in Egypt.
Secondary Education in Egypt

Secondary education in Egypt lasts three years, of which the first has common curriculum. The first year may include sciences, math and understanding based subjects. At the beginning of their second year in secondary education, students are expected to elect either the general or technical program to pursue. Most students opt for the technical program due to lack of seats in the general program, and also their performance in earlier levels. The general program offers students to study either natural sciences or literature and language. The Technical program can be completed in three or five years courses on commercial, agriculture and industrial fields.
Subjects, in secondary schools in Egypt, are divided into two types; compulsory subjects and subjects which require students to take exams but which are not counted towards the final diploma. Curricula at secondary schools in Egypt is very uniform, culminating in a final examination at the national level. Teaching methodology strongly emphasizes memorizing large volumes of information with little or no emphasis on group work, discussions or project work.
Students who successfully complete their secondary education in Egypt are awarded the General Secondary Education Certificate (shahâdat itmâm al-dirâsaal-thânawiyya al-`âmma). A student must successfully complete secondary education in Egypt to become eligible to join any university for higher education.
Thirty percent of the students in the appropriate age groups move forward to join universities, but it is said that only half of them complete their graduation. Ministry of Education in Egypt monitors the education levels and there is an expected increase in the educational masses on a yearly basis.

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