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About Primary and Secondary Schools in Peru

 According to the Peruvian Constitution, education is free and compulsory for the initial, primary and secondary stages. The compulsory education spans a period of eleven years with the student being five when he/she enters school and sixteen when he/she leaves. Before primary education starts, early education begins at the age of three.
Primary Schools in Peru:
A student starts primary education when he or she is five to six years of age. This is also called the first cycle, and it consists of the first and second grade. The primary school level consists of 6 classes (first grade to sixth grade). For curricular purposes, theses classes have been divided into three levels:
  • Cycle one (first and second grade)
  • Cycle two (third and fourth grade)
  • Cycle three (fifth and sixth grade)
Primary education in Peru imparts basic education in the areas of science, the humanities, and technology; citizenship development; and vocational readiness. The government also prescribes a curriculum that includes study of mathematics, language, social studies, science, physical education, art, religion, and practical arts.
Under Peru’s primary education system, completion of the subject is based on the mastery of objectives, and not on time. The students are evaluated four times each year using a progressive evaluation instrument. At the end of each year, the cumulative evaluation is performed to check the readiness for promotion of students and is aimed at an overall measurement of the facts, processes, and activities included in the previous year's work. Students are graded on a scale from 0 to 20. A student getting an average grade of 11 with passing grades in both language and mathematics can be promoted to the next grade. For those failing the exam, a retest is held in the month of March. But those who fail a large component or important subjects like Mathematics are not promoted. After sixth grade, the student goes to secondary school.
Secondary Schools in Peru:
Secondary school consists of five years, from first to fifth year. These five years are divided into two cycles. The first cycle lasts for two years and applies to all students. To gain admission into the first cycle (also known as ciclo general), a student needs to have Certificado Oficial de Educación Primaria.  The second cycle (lasts for three years) is diversified with arts, sciences and technical options and is provided for adolescents and adults. The qualification awarded at the end of this cycle is the Certificado Oficial de Educación Secundaria Común Completa.
There are two types of secondary schools. General Secondary School is the first kind where the student gets admission when he or she is 13 and graduates on reaching the age of 17. The other type is known as the Preparatory Secondary School which is a four year course.

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