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Ever wondered how it’s like to be a captain of a battle ship or a commander of a submarine? Would you like to try a career in the navy or marine corp? The Naval Science course could help you with that. The study of Naval Science can provide a professional starting point to students who desire to become a navy or marine corp officer. The curriculum is also designed to prepare the students in the areas of leadership, ethics, management and technical know how.

First, students will be given an introduction to this course by learning the navy and marine corp command and control structure, principles and their practices, logistics, functions and services of the various components within the organization. From here, the students could already decide on what kind of naval career they would like to attain. Then the students will familiarize themselves with various ship types and their characteristics. This includes the hull, electrical, damage and control and other ship systems. One will also be acquainted to the theories and designs of various propulsion engines like steam, gas, and diesel as well as nuclear. The students will be taught some basic leadership and management skills by studying management theories and their practical functions as well as exposure to various situations involving ethical, leadership and managerial issues. The concept and use of sea power and various naval strategies will also be studied.

Further on, the course will proceed to more specialized topics like navigation, naval operations, strategies and weaponry. In navigation, students will be taught how to pilot and maneuver a ship. One will also learn the rules of the nautical road. The course can help the student become a competent navigator by learning about the tides and currents, using both electronic navigation instruments and visual aids like compass, maps and charts. In the absence of such tools one will learn to use the skies and stars to navigate the seas. The students will also learn about actual naval operations, ship formations, tactics used and ship employment. One will learn the history and evolution of naval warfare, the various strategies used and current thoughts on conducting war at sea. The student will develop a working knowledge on the various navy and marine corp weapon systems. One will learn the theory and employment of such weapon systems. Some of these systems include radar, sonar, electronic warfare systems, warheads and fire control systems. The course will further enhance and develop student’s leadership and management skills in the areas of communication, counseling and direction of the people under them. These skills will be enhanced by learning the concept of naval personnel management, material or logistics management and the administration of discipline and military justice. One will also be taught about origins and history of amphibious warfare, its concepts and how it is conducted.

In the United States, those that take the Naval Science course under the Naval Reserves Officers Training Corps or NROTC program and successfully graduated get to be commissioned officers in the U.S. Navy or Marine corps.