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Studies & Degrees in Gardening

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Gardening is the natural action or activity to develop and preserve the garden. Some of the garden produced useful plants are for economic consumption such as fruits, herbs and vegetables, while some serves for aesthetic purposes. Gardening is performed by a professional or expert gardener. Gardeners are usually working in tree farms, greenhouse or plantation, indoor gardens, retail gardening and botanical centers, government departments, landscaping and grass care offices. They can apply their skills in botany, plant materials, landscape facility and soil science to build or make a tremendous garden. Machinery and tools needed of a gardener are loaders, tractors, trowels, etc. Other gardeners improve their ability or expertise through proper training and experience. This kind of profession is constantly in demand, especially now people are looking for the services of experts in planning, preserving and designing their business gardens.

The different types of gardening are Residential (the space is usually located near a residence), Indoor (pertaining to the growing of pot plant within a building, conservatory and residence), Water (related to growing plants to match or suit ponds), Container (plants that grows in any kinds of pot or hanging baskets either indoors or outdoors), Community (gardened by a group of individuals to supply plants in order to improve the vicinity or area) and Garden sharing (shared gardens are usually in front or back yards and used to make or raise food). Other type of gardening includes butterfly zoo, greenhouse, forest, botanical, cold frame and zoological garden.

There are numerous artistic or style of gardens including Japanese garden (can be created at city parks, private homes and historical sights such as old castles and Buddhist temples), Chinese Garden (was made somehow as a mixture of landscape and paintings along with poems), and Persian Garden (the Taj Mahal is one example). Other style includes Zen garden, Roman garden, Mughal garden, Terrarium, Tropical garden and Water garden. Some of the famous gardeners or garden designers in early 20th century include Ian Hamilton Finlay (Scottish artist and gardener), Gertrude Jekyll (British garden designer) and Geoffrey Smith (English gardener).

The required qualities and skills for gardening include love for nature, hard working, physically fitness, artistic style, good eyesight and knowledge or expertise in plants. Those who are interested in this kind of profession may take associate or college courses. Some of the related subjects are horticulture, biology and botany.

Gardening is a difficult task demanding a creativeness and expertise in plants. Some of the opportunities for this kind of field include Senior Gardener (oversee, plan and take part in gardening work in a conservatory at a publicly owned property), Landscape Gardeners (perform to develop messy areas into attractive or pleasant gardens), Tree Surgeon or Arboriculturalist (managing and preserving of the decorative or shade trees and also concern bushes and vascular plants) and Horticulturists (study the fields of plant propagation, plant breeding, crop production, cultivation, plant physiology and biochemistry).

Salary or earnings for this particular field is depends on location, employer and expertise or experience