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The activity of Skydiving is a sport wherein people will jump out, either alone or in groups of an aircraft or land by means of a parachute. For the reason that the feeling of diving into the air and dropping a number of distance prior to opening their parachutes, the skydivers typically experience adrenaline rush and then later a sense of a peaceful well-being. This calm and soothing feeling can last long as soon as they landed on the ground.

As mechanics of the Skydiving sport, skydivers bring with them two parachutes in order to maximize safety. The primary parachute is contained in a deployment back which is placed in the back of the skydiver. The other parachute is known as a “reserve” which is also carried at the back, to be used in case the main parachute has malfunctioned.

Prior to jumping, the skydivers should make some preparations. The most essential is to pack their sport equipment cautiously. They should also head the coordination of their jump plan with their aircraft pilot; they should also discuss wind and weather information as well as determining the most excellent and safest area for the jumpers to go out the aircraft. Previous to boarding the aircraft, jumpers should practice their maneuvers while they are on the ground. From there, they should be able to determine the order of their jump order and their approach of landing to ensure that the mid-air impacts will not take place. Everybody will climb on the aircraft in reverse pattern of way out and strap themselves up securely to the floor or in the jump seats.

Subsequent to the takeoff, the aircraft first climbs to amid 3,200 to 4,200 m or 10,500 to 13,800 ft up in the air. Both the pilot and the spotter will check the aircraft’s progress and then the jumpers through the last approach on the jump area, also known as a “jump run”. Once the jumpers are over the accurate spot, the jumpers will then line up at the exit. Hold hands and finally steps to make it easier for the other jumpers to exit. Such preparations will enable the jumpers to jump together and execute their planned maneuvers by the time of their freefall.

A usual parachute ride will lasts for two to three minutes. The jumpers belonging to a well-disciplined group will avoid collisions by means of spacing out and landing sequentially in an orderly manner. Expert skydivers always have soft landing, they have their feet landed on the ground then run forward, they also know how to avoid injuring themselves.

The modern parachute we have today was invented during the late of the 18th century. During the early 20th century, the military has began making extensive usage of the parachutes, and after several periods it became as a military-designed equipment which features techniques and has given way to those we have now which are designed by the sport parachutists. Skydiving has later on become a very popular, competitive and recreational activity. Each and every single year, thousand of people are engaging to skydiving worldwide. The United States Parachute Association (USPA) governs the skydiving sport in the United States.