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Studies & Degrees in Woman and Child Health

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Woman and Child care is a specialized field within medicine, focusing on the different aspects of women’s health, pregnancy, labor, and various aspects of children’s health and upbringing. A professional in this field is most likely to take care of a woman throughout her pregnancy, providing health care services and support in the form of gynecological check-ups, ultrasound examinations, blood examinations, as well as providing advice or arranging consultations with diet and exercise counselors, pediatricians, lactation consultants, and so on. Professionals in the woman and child care field also ensure a safe delivery of the baby, providing post delivery care and pediatric health care. Furthermore, if you decide to go into this area of medicine you would be equipped to deal with breast cancer consultations, diagnosis and treatment. The field covers other woman-specific issues like menopause care, ovarian cancer, and other gynecological problems and solutions, too.

Personal Qualities

To go into this field, you would need to have an aptitude for medicine and other related degrees. A caring and patient nature is suitable for a professional in this field, and here are some other skills you might explore:

  • Commitment to education and hard work

  • Self confidence

  • Excellent communication skills

  • High level of emotional intelligence

  • Enjoy working with people

  • Highly motivated and self-disciplined individual

Study Options

Because this is a broad field in which you can undertake a variety of job roles, your study choices entirely depend on what exactly you wish to work. In any case, if you are looking to become a gynecologist, a pediatrician, a nurse, or a midwife you should pursue some form of medical education. You should keep in mind that such a discipline is highly demanding, and it would require sound preparation in biology and chemistry early in high school. Usually, after you have completed a couple of years of general education in the field, you would be able to specialize and continue with a postgraduate degree. The other name for a person, dealing with child and women care is an obstetrician – obstetricians normally work together with gynecologists and are responsible to take care both for the woman and the baby. This profession also requires sound medical education and postgraduate training, as well as certification in surgery.

With regard to all these, you would have to carefully research the medical institution you wish to study at and make sure that it will equip you with the knowledge and practical skills that are required for this profession. In order to become a good and reliable specialist, you need years of practice and experience, for which reason a specialized hospital with a good reputation of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs it offers would be your best choice.

Career Options

Career options in the woman and child care field are very diverse. You could be working within a specialized department in a general hospital, in a specialized medical center, or in a private clinic. Again, your career development would highly depend on what type of profession or specialization you have chosen – you could be a midwife – in this case you would typically work closely with the obstetrician who oversees the pregnancy, you would need to be available in the event of any complications, such as the need for a Cesarean section, and carry out physical examinations of both the mother and the baby. We have already discussed gynecologists, and another specialization is a pediatrician – this is a doctor, who specializes in the care of children. Again, there are many branches that cover children’s heath, and you could either be a general practitioner, or specialize in diseases like asthma and allergies, mental problems, or inborn disabilities. In any case, the profession opens up a large number of opportunities, one of which is to have your own practice or clinic.