Studies & Degrees in Marketing and Innovation

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A program in Marketing and Innovation would be focusing on innovation and strategy, taking into account the constantly changing external and internal environment of a given organization. Such a program would be suited for future leaders who aim to get a thorough understanding of the innovation processes within a company, and how these are connected to the main interested parties like customers, suppliers, institutions of knowledge and public institutions. Professionals in this field would also gain an insight into the dynamics of innovation and knowledge, and would be preparing for managerial positions. They would be prepared to run, evaluate and optimize innovation processes in companies as well as manage and increase the creativity of the employees. Furthermore, such professionals would be prepared to create, modify, and apply transferring marketing concepts and skills, while managing products and market development, also taking into consideration the strategic perspective of their actions. In a nutshell, professionals in Marketing and Innovation would be able to evaluate the market potential of a new product or service; assess the impact of a new innovation on the industry; create and apply strategies related to innovation processes; increase creativity within the organization, while also managing knowledge workers.

Personal Qualities

  • High level of creativity and imagination
  • Very good at working with people and managing their creative potential
  • Excellent leadership qualities
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills
  • Very good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Good at making decisions

Study Options

Degrees in Marketing and Innovation are usually offered as master’s degrees, and are aimed at individuals who already have some background in one or both fields, or a related discipline (like business, for example). These degrees strive to further unfold the creative potential of the individual, while also equipping him or her with the tools and skills required to effectively lead the processes of innovation within an organization. Such a degree would provide a better insight into the marketing processes that happen in companies, while also stressing on the different and changing marketing environments. Because a Marketing and Innovation master’s degree would be expected to cover more complex concepts, you would also be able to develop practical and research capabilities in the context of strategy and provider-consumer relationships.

Career Options

Because in today’s world innovation is one of the most essential and central aspects of surviving the global competition, as well as an important prerequisite for gaining market advantages, career options for graduates in Marketing and Innovation are very rich. They can either apply the knowledge they have gained by pursuing positions in various companies – both large and small, or they could have a product idea of their own that they wish to develop and present on the market. In any case, such a degree develops numerous transferrable skills that would be suited for almost any job position.