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Studies & Degrees in Hairdressing

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Hair is women’s crowning glory. We often hear advice that when going for an interview with potential employer, the hair should be set at its best to create good impression. When a woman is having a bad hair day, people assume she is either having a bad day or she is dealing with heartache caused by a failed relationship. True enough – the way women carry their hair is a mirror of how they feel inside. More than vanity (although vanity of people, both men and women, nowadays is one the driving factors for the booming industry of hairdressing), it is creating an impression, an image to last.

Hairdressing is a combination of arts and technical skills. It is about transforming a person’s hair into a state the she wants and she needs. While Hairdressing is an expression of imagination and creativity of the hairdresser, it also considers various factors, such as customer’s preference, occasion, theme, skin tone of the customer, shape of customer’s face, and texture of hair to come up with perfect blend that would turn your customer into a whole lot better look by changing her hairstyle alone. Hair brushes, hair extension, combs, hair scissors, hair curler, hair straightener, hair clips, and hair crimper are just some tools that ring a bell to hairdressers.

Hairdressing courses are typically shorter and cheaper than other degree or certification programs. Most of time is spent in practical applications of techniques involved in hairdressing, such as priming, dyeing, curling, straitening, coloring, and trimming among others. It is ideal to see all these skills in one hairdresser, although it is typical for a hairdresser to have one of these skills as her best or specialization. Since the work requires high level of interpersonal skills, the training programs are also designed to prepare students into becoming a hairdresser a customer would love to deal with. If you are good with work involving steady and heavy use of your hand and good eye-hand coordination; if you consider yourself trainable in a fast-paced industry, where change happens in split seconds; if you see yourself interacting with customers to see what they want for their hair and recommend what you think is better; if you see yourself building a name not just locally but globally; if you find bliss in making other people beautiful because of your talent then hairdressing is the right pick for you!

Hairdressing career comes in lucrative and cool package. Apart from high talent fee, the hairdresser also gets to travel a lot and to rub elbows with famous celebrities. What could be cooler than styling top models’ hair before a catwalk in the runway? What about displaying your styles in famous magazines read by millions of people around the globe? What about having your own hair product brand name? Or owning a hair salon where celebrities would drop by to win that gorgeous shot? Truly, it is very enticing and rewarding to be a part of Hairdressing industry. While Hairdressing is known to be a world for women, records would show that there are world famous male hairdressers (Vidal Sassoon and Trevor Sorbie to name some). Not only do we have male hairdressers, the market itself is becoming unisex.

In countries where regard to fashion is high, career opportunity for hairdressers is also high. Hairdressers play a vital role in transforming a catwalk show into a success; a significant part in boosting sales of fashion magazines; and in making celebrities look and come as real celebrities. Hairdressing is one of the top industries in United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.