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Military English is a term typically used to describe a specialist English course especially designed for military personnel, government employees, or international agency staff, who are required to work in international teams using English as the common language. Nowadays, the need for efficient communication in English, particularly between members of international forces, peacekeepers, and local community leaders is constantly rising. Military English is used for everyday military and security situations; for reading notices, signs, instruction manuals; for writing clear messages, military briefs and reports, as well as other similar texts; for listening to direct orders, transmitted information, instruction, and casual conversations; for giving orders, making presentations, delivering briefings, exchanging information with others, making telephone calls, negotiation, and others. In summary, Military English is designed to ensure that assigned military and civilian personnel can carry out their tasks effectively with their international colleagues. A course would cover both military vocabulary and basic conversational and reading skills.

Personal Qualities

In order to embark on a course of Military English, you need to be interested in becoming part of a peaceful mission, be part of the army, navy, or air force of a given country. Other qualities that might help include:

  • Good memory
  • Aptitude for learning languages
  • Good at using learning materials like dictionaries, online resources, and others
  • Good IT skills

Study Options

Military English is normally offered as a specialized course by certain colleges, universities, online schools; it can also be offered by the Ministry of Defense of a given country, or by certain international organizations like NATO or the UN. It is most common that Military English is offered as an intensive course; it would also be designed so that the most urgent communication needs of military personnel are met. Major topics included usually are: the language of planning and strategy; Peacekeeping language; Debriefing scenarios; Advanced presentation skills; Diplomatic English – tone, register and levels of formality. What counts when you are choosing a course is checking the qualifications of your teachers, how customized the course is and how many students are assigned in a class.

Career Options

Although Military English is specifically targeted to military servants, diplomats, and security personnel, such a course would greatly improve your language skills and enhance your overall career prospects. English is one of the most widely used languages in the world, for which reason additional skills and vocabulary would only help you in any future career course you might wish to undertake.