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Forensic science is a profession that is unusual to numerous people. Partly, this is because to its remarkable and uncommon combination of investigation, criminology, law and laboratory science. It is chiefly regarding with application of scientific rules for investigation of lawbreaking or crime. It is utilizes science to help in law enforcement and in this activity forensic scientists work to provide neutral scientific evidence which may applied in criminal investigations and courts of law. Forensic scientists are implicated and interested in gathering evidence. Some of the evidence materials and substances that are usually examined are saliva, blood, hair, fibers from clothing and bodily fluids. They also do analysis on tissues or drugs for poisonous materials. After gathering the evidences from a crime incident, a forensic scientist may be able to examine the said evidence in the laboratory and search for links between the crime victim and the suspect.

Forensic scientists play a significant part in any investigative team. They must be logical, analytical and exploratory type of mind.

Communication, report writing and computer skills are also important in line of this field. They must be also meticulous and detailed oriented in analyzing the evidence. Some of the responsibilities of forensic scientist include collecting evidence at crime scene, examine the said evidence, making reports confirming the findings and submit or present them to investigators and imparting testimonial as an expert spectator in court cases.

Numerous forensic scientists work in laboratories, though some field agents are required going to courtrooms or crime incidents. Working long hours is not unusual for this kind of field particularly if evidence is necessary to be examined quickly for essential court case. Other forensics scientistss may work occasionally as a consultant.

The required education for this kind of profession is a Bachelor Degree in forensic science or associate degrees. But occupation possibilities are more favorable or advantageous for those who graduated with a four year degree.

Other opportunities for forensic science career include Computational forensics (refers to the development of algorithms rules and software program to help forensic examination), Criminalistics (application of a variety of science to respond inquiries regarding to examination and comparison of evidences use in criminal investigations), Digital forensics (application of tested scientific techniques to retrieve data from digital media), Forensic anthropology (application of physical anthropology), Forensic archaeology (combination of archaeological methods and forensic science application), Forensic DNA analysis (cope in finding out the maternity/paternity or identifying a suspect at a crime incident), Forensic entomology (cope with testing of insects to help in finding of place or time of death), Forensic geology (manage to discover or locate evidence in the form of petroleum, soils and minerals), Forensic interviewing (method of communicating planned to bring out data and evidence), Forensic odontology (study of teeth), Forensic pathology (principles of pathology and medicine are used to detect the cause of accidental injury or death in the circumstance of a legal investigation), Forensic psychology (analyze the mind of a person and find the situation backside a criminal’s behavior), Forensic toxicology (examine the consequence of drugs and poisonous substance in the human body) and Veterinary Forensics (useful to crimes relating to animals).

In Britain, the starting salary for forensic scientist trainee is usually £16,000 to £18,000. The starting salary for a graduate degree is considerably higher in forensic science. The salary for senior positions is around £45,000 and above.

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Forensic PathologistForensic Science TechnicianForensic Photographer

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