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Studies & Degrees in Gerontology

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In science, aging is one of the multidisciplinary fields in study. Under the field of aging is the study of Gerontology. This study covers the aging processes of humans from the middle to later life stages. It also covers mental, social and physical changes which take place as people age. It also includes the various changes in the society which leads to the aging population. Gerontologists apply their area of study on various programs and policies which is the main focus of the study.

The populations all over the world are aging. This concludes that people are living their lives longer as the number of the older people increases. Such trend is very evident in the society of America. In the United States, half of those who are born during the 1900s have died before reaching the age of 50. But nowadays, people can expect to live longer until they reach 75 and beyond. Back in the 1900s too, among 25 Americans, one is 65 years old, but now, out of 8 Americans is 65 years old. According to many studies, the aging population will more likely to grow in the future. Such trends of population growth will lead to the increasing demands for professionals with competitive expertise and knowledge in the study of aging. There will be guaranteed opportunities for geriatrics and gerontology in many disciplines and professions.

Gerontology is a very diverse field; it offers a wide variety of opportunities for employment. Such multiplicity has existed, in part, for the reason that older people are very different in so many ways from each other. As people age, the needs, experiences, abilities and resources differ, according to factors like race, gender, economic status and ethnicity. For instance, many of the older people are very active and healthy. The people who are working with such older persons may have been providing leisure and recreation programs as well as volunteer activities and educational opportunities. On the other hand, there are older people who are less active and frail. The jobs which are related to more susceptible older people may be under long-term care, certain agencies or health care settings which deliver services to the older people. The comparative innovations of the field only mean that there will be more opportunities for new ideas, products and programs. Nowadays, there are many people engaging to businesses which involve health care coordination or businesses which offer products and services which would target the older group of consumers.

As a professional under the field of Gerontology, an individual can carry out services for the community and society as a volunteer, for instance, by facilitating talks on different aging aspects to various community and civic groups or programs for pre-retirement. As gerontologists, there are exciting opportunities to positively influence the organizations and agencies catering to older people and the policies and legislation which affects their elderly lives. Studying Gerontology also gives the perspective of keeping track of their own aging as well as of their own families.