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Studies & Degrees in Work Science, Labor and Work Place

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Work Science, Labor and Work Place are fields of study that deal with the workforce, understanding work and labor, as well as workplace ethics and policy. This is a broad area that can deal with the psychology behind the work process; problems and practices with employee relations; the discipline could also explore various labor management techniques and options; sociology of work; organizational behavior, philosophy of work, etc.

A person dealing with work science is also likely to assist in drawing the work policy of a certain organization, which involves things like required dress code, discrimination and sexual harassment in the work place, as well as drug use and abuse in the work place. These are often organized in an employee handbook, which can also include procedural information, so that employees carry out tasks in the right manner. On the other hand, a specialist in the field could assist people in drafting their career plans, organizing their CV, he or she could facilitate mock interviews and help people with their career growth.

Personal Qualities

Personal skills that may help you in the field of work science, labor, and work place include:

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Having a genuine interest in psychology and human behavior
  • Creativity
  • High level of emotional intelligence
  • Very good problem solving skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Analytical and logical thinking

Study Options

This is an interdisciplinary field, which you can explore on many different levels. There is the option to gain a Bachelor of Science degree in a discipline like Work and Professional studies, Industrial Relations, or similar. You could also opt for a course within a Human Resources or related degree that focuses on work science and labor relations. If you are a working individual who wishes to specialize in the area of labor relations, there are a number of online and part-time courses offered in the field. The best choice would be for you to decide whether you specifically wish to pursue a career in this area, or rather aim to gain a better understanding of employee relations and work psychology in order to enhance your skills and career options. Then, you can seek for the appropriate program or course – either complete a full degree, or a gain certificate/diploma, etc.

Career Options

As mentioned earlier, this is a broad field, and can involve a variety of career options. You could become a labor relations specialist. This is a human resources expert who helps workers and employers negotiate contracts.  He or she carries out research on wages, benefits, and working conditions within a certain industry to help management design work contracts. If a dispute occurs between a single employee or a union with employers, the labor relations specialist can assist in discussions and help both sides reach a satisfactory conclusion. On the other hand, you can get involved with managing employee relations within a company, and this can include the organization of team building events, finding the means to keep employees updated about the company’s vision and values, take care of employees benefit schemes, and so on. Finally, you could work at a university, or other organization, helping students and individuals form their career goals, prepare their CV, hunt for jobs, and so on.