Studies & Degrees in International Hotel and Events Management

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International Hotel and Events Management is a discipline that is aimed to equip students with the practical and management skills required for positions in the hotel, events, and hospitality-related industries. The event management business is one that has been constantly growing in the last 10 to 15 years, and relates to the idea of outsourcing occasions that are either business, social, or the combination of both. This greatly interrelates with hospitality management, as most often such events are held in hotels, restaurants, or similar facilities – for this reason, the hotel and events manager has to master a wide variety of skills, ranging from human resource management, through planning and organization, to financial matters. The international aspect of such a program is more than necessary due to the fact that nowadays the tourism and hotel industry has become mostly multicultural in nature – no matter of the location of the facility, clients typically come from various regions of the world with the passion to explore new places and experiences. The hotel and events manager is responsible to ensure customers’ expectations are met and exceeded in terms of entertainment ideas, organization, and accommodation.

Personal Qualities

International Hotel and Event management would definitely suit a creative, outgoing and communicative nature. Here are some other skills that are crucial.

  • Excellent organizational and planning ability
  • Excellent interpersonal qualities
  • Negotiation and bargaining skills
  • Very good problem-solving abilities
  • Excellent decision-making skills

Study Options

Study opportunities in this field are extremely wide. There are specialized colleges that offer the International Hotel and Events Management degree at an associate’s, bachelor’s, diploma, and postgraduate level. There is also the opportunity for you to gain a double degree as well as study part time. When choosing an institution, keep in mind that the course is supposed to equip you with professional leadership and business management skills that have to be combined with specialist knowledge in the events management industry. Besides, you should research very well where you would be spending your work placement – with this type of degree, the internship in most respected colleges and universities is an integral part of their program. Employers within the industry not only value, but they require practical experience and background.

Finally, you can easily embark on the journey of hotel and event management even if you have studied another business-related degree. There are postgraduate courses, designed specifically to students, who have already completed another degree, but wish to specialize in this field.

Career Options

Career opportunities can be very exciting and diverse. The degree in hotel and events management would be suitable not only if you are aiming for managerial positions within hotels and other similar facilities, but you would be working for agencies that organize events like trade shows, music festivals, rock concerts, conventions, fund-raisers, awards ceremonies and other sports and social events. In order to secure a position that will give you the opportunity to unleash your creativity potential, it is crucial that you take your education and early job training very seriously. Try to dig deep into every aspect of the business, searching close contact with managers and creative personalities that have already proved to be successful in the area of hotel and events management.