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Level: Undergraduate Associate     Location: Madrid

English as a Second Language refers to the learning of the English language by people whose native language is different from English. Gaining knowledge of any language involves the understanding of vocabulary, application of grammatical rules, modal verbs, tenses, pronunciation, etc.

Today English is considered to be the global business language, which means that when doing business internationally, English is the communication method applied. English is also perceived second to Mandarin by number of people in the world who speak it, but it is very hard to estimate how many people exactly study and speak English.

Personal Qualities

To study English as a second language you mainly need the will to learn the peculiarities of a foreign language, accepting and adopting the way it sounds as well as the way sentences are built. Further qualities are:

  • Good memory
  • Ability to listen and re-create sounds (every language has a specific musicality to it)
  • Discipline and perseverance
  • Patience to learn and apply grammatical rules
  • Curiosity and willingness to read books, magazines, and different media in the English language

Study Options

English as a second language can be learned in a great variety of settings. It is offered at high schools, universities, community colleges, on online courses, and you can even find some free opportunities. Often, if you choose to study in an English speaking country, the institution you are attending is likely to provide you with some support in the form of ESL courses in order for you to be able to keep up with the curriculum.

When choosing a course to study English as a second language, you should try to find one that offers a good balance between grammar, reading, writing and listening. Often grammatical concepts are hard to apply if not enough practice is provided to students, so the course you choose should offer the opportunity to read and discuss articles, books, etc. You can also greatly enhance your learning experience by seeking ways to communicate with other native English speakers, taking a trip to an English speaking country, or watching movies in English.

Finally, if you need to take a TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT exam with the aim of applying to university, you should look for courses that specifically prepare you for these exams and are certified to do that. The same applies if you are looking to study Business English.

Career Options

Learning English greatly enhances your career opportunities. Today, most employers require mastery of the language by default, so if you know one or more other languages in addition to English, you would have a great advantage over other applicants. English can be applied and used in all kinds of professions, not only in the business world, but also in science and research.

Not to forget that knowing the language would equip you with the skills to read, explore, and utilize a much wider variety of literature – be it financial, scientific, or poetic.