Studies & Degrees in Creation, Design and Multimedia Engineering

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Creation, Design, and Multimedia Engineering is a very innovative and forward-looking degree option, which is involved with the creation of interactive products and services, providing dynamic solutions to businesses in terms of technology, customer relations, publicity, and marketing. The development of multimedia usually involves the manipulation of graphics, animations, sound, text, and video.

Multimedia engineers first communicate with clients to understand requirements, and then analyze and recommend the most suitable equipment to achieve goals. They are the ones who prepare and employ graphics, video, animations, sound, photographs and images to create a final product. Therefore, the completion of such a degree would give you the opportunity to participate in the creation of new software, to build a new video game of your own, or be part of a team, producing an animation movie.

Personal Qualities

Exceptional creativity, mixed up with some passion for the technical aspect of multimedia creation, is the drive you need for this degree. Here are some other qualities you might like to look for:

  • Great communication skills – often, designers and multimedia specialists first need to thoroughly discuss the client’s views and perceptions about the final product, and based on how well they understand and convey the customer’s ideas, they employ the right techniques and equipment.
  • Some talent in computing and design
  • Good perceptions of colors, shapes, and forms
  • Attention to detail
  • Drive to explore new technology
  • Able to meet deadlines

Study Options

To work in the field of creation, design, and multimedia engineering, some form of specialized education after high school is definitely required. You can either take on a degree program, or undergo some other form of training, like participating in classes, workshops, or seminars offered by different organizations. You could also attend a two or a four-year college, take courses online, and seek to become a member in groups and associations of this field.

When making a choice, it is highly important to remember that the area of creation, design, and multimedia is developing at a very fast pace, and it is essential that you have access to the latest technology and trends. As with other degrees, it is highly recommended that you check whether there are opportunities for internships and exchange programs. Working with successful individuals in this field would greatly broaden horizons and pack you with some valuable experience. Gaining a Master’s degree in Multimedia Engineering is also a very appropriate choice, as it will really put emphasis on the creation, design, and management of multimedia products – from Concept Research and Creation to Script, Analysis of Specific Publics, and User Experience (Usability). Other degree programs you might also wish to consider are multimedia journalism (news media), or graphic designer.

Career Options

Career paths are versatile, and normally provide an opportunity to unfold one’s creativity and imagination. Professions can range from building prototypes in the automotive industry, to freelancing, or forming a company of your own. This is a list of career paths you would be equipped to undertake after studying creation, design, and multimedia engineering:

  • Creative director in advertising agencies, publishing, technical illustration, print, labeling, and packaging
  • Designer of information systems, multimedia communication and interactive production (audiovisual, multimedia CDs and DVDs, web portals)
  • Designer and implementer of multimedia projects (creation of new video games and/or 3D animation films)
  • Work in engineering or R&D departments within firms