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Animation is an inspiring and stimulating profession, especially for those with interest and fascination in art and wants to tell a story. Many of us are not well informed regarding the opportunities for this kind of profession as well as the requirements or background needed to engage in the said business.

The Animation career pertains to the design, drawing, layout, output of computer graphics and multimedia system. The animators may utilize instructional programs, 2D or 3D graphics or model, video, network and kiosks. The most common technique of demonstrating Animation is as a video program or motion picture, though there are other numerous kinds of presenting Animation that exist.

Winsor McCay's Gertie the Dinosaur is frequently believed the very first instance of reality or accurate character Animation in 1914. Character Animation is improved or increased through special effects animation, which usually makes anything like machinery, motor vehicle and even the snow, rain and water but definitely not a character. The Disney Animation artists that stand out of the technique include Les Clark, Marc Davis, Norm Ferguson, Ub Iwerks, Ollie Johnston, Ward Kimball, Hal King, Eric Larson,, Fred Moore, Grim Natwick, Wolfgang Reitherman, John Sibley, Frank Thomas and Bill Tytla.

Most professions in Animation require creative or artistic skills. Aside from talent and passion, education and proper training is significant to all features in Animation career. The ability to draw and create images is required in conveying the feeling of characters, and the design methods for motion or movement of a character. The techniques in presenting other kinds of media such as live action film and motion picture photography, would also demonstrate the important or valuable designs in the making of character and environment throughout the preparation of a project. Animation is commonly utilized as a method for narrating a story, whether a film or animated commercial. Software programs used in this kind of field are Flash, Light Wave and Maya. Equipment utilized in Animation is dependent on the scope and complexity of the project. To pursue the career in Animation, you must also know how to communicate and work with others; follow the client’s and director’s instruction and demands; and proper coordination with your collaborator to attain a perfect or improved finished product. Other qualities include patience, perseverance, flexibility and resourcefulness. Some high-quality animation is usually made or form in Czech Republic, France, Hungary and Korea.

The required education for an Animation career is at least 2-year associated degrees or Bachelor of Arts degree in Animation, Arts, or Graphic Design. In professional schools the certification in animation is also available or offered with 2 to 3 years in time. Formal training is not necessary for animation artists. However, one should attempt to acquire the needed skills during college training in preparation to show a fighting disposition in the job market.

Some of the industry prospects for Animation include advertising, business (product endorsement and marketing exhibit), education (web based tutorials), engineering, entertainment (films and television), fashion and interior designing, insurance and legal industry, publishing (printing and artwork), sales (production), studios, computer and cellular phone games development, training institutes and web designing.