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Studies & Degrees in E-Marketing

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E-marketing is a term often used interchangeably with terms such as web marketing, online marketing, search marketing, and digital marketing. It basically means the application of marketing principles and techniques through an electronic media, and more precisely the Internet. E-marketing usually involves the marketing of a brand while using the Internet, and this can include a number of things – both direct response marketing and indirect marketing, while also employing a variety of technologies that help businesses connect to their customers. With relation to this, E-marketing comprises all the activities a business carries out via the worldwide web with the purpose of attracting new customers, retaining current clients, and developing its brand identity.

Therefore, the role of an e-marketer can be extremely diverse; he or she can either build strategies for a company’s presence on the Internet, or be responsible for a certain area within e-marketing – sending e-mails, preparing newsletters; developing and maintaining a Facebook page or a blog; or specializing in the field of search engine optimization.

Personal Qualities

E-marketing is a continuation of traditional marketing, so in order to be suited for such a discipline, you would need to have an interest in marketing and advertising as a whole. These are some other skills and qualities you might like to look for:

  • High levels of creativity and imagination – even be prepared to come up with extremely unusual ideas
  • Open to experimenting and constantly looking for new information and trends
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Very good interpersonal skills
  • Good at working within a team
  • Great organizational qualities

Study Options

There is a wide pool of options you might choose from, if you wish to be involved in E-marketing. First of all, you should not forget that this is a highly specialized discipline, and a fairly new one, so although there are some universities offering it as a separate bachelor’s degree, you would do better if you combine it with a broader option. E-marketing was born from the combination of traditional marketing and the development of technologies like the Internet, so you would definitely gain a better depth into the subject if you pursue a degree in Marketing and Advertising, for example, while stressing on the courses in e-marketing. There is also the choice of degrees like Business Management with a specialization in E-marketing – in this way you would both gain the knowledge of how to run your own business, and be aware of the latest e-marketing trends. Besides, there are master’s degrees in E-Marketing, and this can also be an opportunity for you to dig deeper into the field, if you have already gained some other form of qualification. Again, first estimate the return on investment that such a master’s course is going to yield. Finally, you should never forget that this is a very dynamic area, full of innovations and developments, so no matter your education you need to keep constantly updated by reading specialized literature, participating in specialized conferences, or visiting lectures and seminars.

Career Options

As an e-marketer, you would have a very diverse range of options, as well as excellent career prospects, because this definitely is a field in its peak. You could hunt jobs in New Media & Digital Media Agencies, Advertising Agencies, E-Business & E-Commerce Companies, or companies providing Online Marketing-related Products and Services. You could also be employed by big companies, looking for in-house marketing services. Other companies that have become extremely sought-after in recent years are Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms. Last but not least, you can easily work on a freelance basis, or form a company of your own – with the option to do this online, resources needed would be led to a minimum.