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Psychotherapy Study Programs

Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Villanueva de la Cañada

The human brain is an amazing structure as many of us may know, but the human mind and how it works is even more amazing. It is a vast storage space for memories. It can be good or bad. It may be relevant or irrelevant. A lot of these memories especially things that happened in the past contributed to who we are now in the present. Our emotions, ability to cope up with stress, and basically, our ability to survive life is all because of the capacity of the human mind to handle complex situations.

Just like any healing arts, Psychotherapy can trace its roots to the ancient Greeks. A man named Antiphon is considered to be the originator of the art of talking to relieve mental stress which is the classic definition of Psychotherapy. It has become an important part of our culture. Every hospital has its own psychotherapy services. There are movies, documentaries, TV series and other forms of media discussing psychotherapy.

When someone thinks of Psychotherapy, the image that forms in our mind is a couch, a sofa, patient lying down and the psychotherapist writing down notes. But what really goes on behind those close doors is an intense examination by the patient and the therapist of the patient’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Psychotherapy is not a one way street. A verbal interchange between the patient and the therapist is necessary. Goals in changing behaviors and attitude are to be set and met. It is a therapeutic alliance between the patient and the psychotherapist.

To become a specialist in the field of Psychotherapy, the first step to take is to have a degree in Psychology. Then after that, one will have to train in the field of Psychotherapy and depending on the state you are living in, a licensure examination might be necessary.

There are different ways to deal with human problems. Various techniques can be learned in studying Psychotherapy. Psychoanalysis is one of them and was popularized by Sigmund Freud. It is a combination of therapeutic procedures like free association, interpretation, transference, and the like. Behavioral therapy is another popular form of therapy used in this field. In this specific form of therapy, it is believed that any maladaptive behaviors which were learned can be unlearned. Humanistic therapy, eclectic therapy, and logotherapy are example of other form of therapies you can learn in the field of Psychotherapy.

Being in the field of Psychotherapy can be exciting. Keep in mind though that the human mind and how it functions is not at all that simple. There are many theories as to how a person can have personality disorders, psychotic tendencies, or neurotic disorders. Some trace it to childhood. Some will say environmental factors are in play. But whatever the reason behind all of these, studying the field of Psychotherapy will sure help you discover answers.

Psychotherapy will teach you the art of helping others. Whether you want to be a counselor, a clinical social worker, marriage and family therapist or a clinical mental health counselor, what you end up doing at the end of the day is helping people. Psychotherapy grants that unique opportunity to be able to reach out to other people’s pain, understanding it and the best of all, helping them deal with it.