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Real estate is the general term applied to anything that has to do with land in a legal sense. The actual piece of land, the title, land taxes involved, buying, selling, leasing, renting, developing the land and even the fixtures attached to the land like buildings and houses are all included within the scope of real estate.

Usually, the state of the Real Estate industry is used as a gauge on how local and national economies are faring. Occupancy rate of rental spaces and the increase and the decrease in land valuation are used as confirming indicators if the economy is doing good or bad. A high occupancy rate usually would mean more business activity is going on in a particular locale, state or country. Increasing land valuation would indicate that people have money set aside for investing and while decreasing value would mean that times are hard and landowners are selling their properties at bargain prices.

Speaking of money set aside for investment purposes, investing in Real Estate is usually the top choice among moneyed individuals to place their bet into if the time frame considered is long term. Obviously, investing in Real Estate is not for short term because investors will not feel the gains in one or two years. To get modest gains, investors in Real Estate should at least wait around 10 years. Well, of course, this is not as simple as picking a land at random and then wait for ten years and profits are assured. No, that is not how the game of investing in Real Estate properties is played. First rule of course is always consider the location. Where is the property adjacent to? Is there some potential hazard in the area of the property? Is there a development ongoing or some sort of master plan being devised to improve the area? Location alone of the property can usually give reason why its price is higher or lower. The nearer the property to the center of a city the higher they are priced and those located on the periphery of the city borders are priced much lower because that would mean that they would be farther from the amenities of city living like malls, place of work, the city hall, stadiums and so forth. So before buying a real estate property, it would be wise to always consider where it is situated. Other things to consider of course are: if the title is clean, meaning it’s not mortgaged or doesn’t have adverse claimants, the added costs needed to fix the place to one’s liking, the price versus prevailing market price which can be estimated by browsing a classified ads column and, of course, the timing.

The Real Estate industry has been observed to experience a cycle of boom, where prices tend to be expensive, and bust when prices tend to be lower than the published rates.

Because Real Estate encompasses so much more than just land as other industries are dependent on it like the construction and construction supply and many others, the Real Estate industry is among the biggest contributor of wealth in every economy that’s why there are now courses being offered to fully understand it and everything that has anything connected to it directly or indirectly.

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