Studies & Degrees in Russian Language and Literature (in Universities)

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Russian, one of the world's most widely spoken languages, is an exciting and diverse field of study. Russia has produced some of the world's greatest literature, notably the works of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, and has also been the source of political works of incredible historical importance. Over the centuries, Russia has undergone numerous transformations, all which are reflected in its literary traditions.
In addition, Russian is of critical strategic value on the geopolitical stage. Despite the loss of its superpower status in the early 1990s, Russia remains one of the most prominent powerbrokers in the world, and so nearly every country has a need for diplomats and policy analysts who can speak Russian. This prominence is reflected in the fact that Russian is one of only 6 official languages act United Nations.
Personal Qualities
  • Love of travel and desire to visit Russia, Eastern Europe, or Central Asia
  • Curiosity about and respect for other cultures
  • Patience and good memorizing ability
  • Knowledge of and/or interest in Russian history
  • Strong grasp of grammar in English
Study Options
Since the fall of the Soviet Union, undergraduate programs in Russian have become less and less common. Nonetheless, there remain numerous colleges and universities that offer degrees in Russian language and literature. They typically emphasize both the literary and geopolitical utility of the Russian language, although there may be some schools that emphasize one or the other.
The majority of programs leading to a degree in Russian will require at least a semester of study abroad in a country where Russian is the majority language. Russia is of course the most obvious choice, but there are numerous other countries to consider, including Kazakhstan, Belarus, and parts of Ukraine and Uzbekistan. If you do choose to study abroad in Russia, be aware that the visa process can be extremely taxing and complicated. For citizens of most countries around the world, it is necessary to plan your trip several months in advance.
Career Options
A degree in Russian offers numerous career options, most notably in the areas of international relations, foreign policy, and global business. It is also possible to find work in one of the many Russian speaking communities in Europe and Asia. If traveling and working in foreign cultures is your dream, studying Russian can be a good option. For those who complete an advanced degrees in Russian language and literature, jobs are available as a teacher or private tutor.