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Studies & Degrees in Sacred Music

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Sacred Music is performed in church for liturgies, rites, prayers, devotions, or ceremonies. This is why students who major in sacred music are usually interested not only in music itself, but also in religion. The degree in Sacred Music will not simply be focusing on music skills, but also the skills, concepts and knowledge you will need as a church musician. A degree in sacred music will include courses in music performance, conducting, and religious studies. You will also be required to intern in a church situation, learning from experienced church musicians.

Personal Qualities

  • Genuine interest in religion and sacred music
  • Know how to play a music instrument
  • Discipline and perseverance
  • Enjoy liturgies and other church rituals

Study Options

Undergraduate and postgraduate programs of Sacred Music are available in various specialized institutions and seminaries, and include musical, historical, biblical and theological study. Course examples are worship, church music, hymnody, literature, applied music, composing, arranging, conducting, repertoire and children's choirs. You can prepare for the sacred music degree since high school by getting involved in your church music program; playing organ or piano for the choir; taking part in all kinds of liturgy; learning about many different faiths – what they believe and what their liturgies consist of.

Career Options

Graduates with a degree in Sacred Music pursue careers as Church organists, pianists or vocalists (including cantors and song leaders); Conductors of church choirs; Directors of Music Ministry; other administrative positions in churches (e.g. Youth Directors). Finally, there are some Sacred Music graduates who will also pursue further studies in the seminary.