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Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Villanueva de la Cañada

Selecting a course in college could indeed be considered one of the biggest decisions a person has to make because one’s profession could depend on it. For those who are seeking an uncommon calling for the purpose of ensuring safety and reducing health hazards, the course Health and Safety could be the one for them.

Enrolling in a Health and Safety course is a very challenging course indeed. Unlike most courses, Health and Safety is not just about having classes inside the classroom but is very much a practical type one. Since they would be making sure that health and safety standards are up to par, they would really need to be in actual situations and from there assess the hazards. Where health and safety are concerned, one cannot always be too sure, and so the process of inspection is rendered on a continuous basis. This is indeed one very peculiar course because this course will cover all kinds of potential hazards in any environment, including the event of nuclear fallouts.

Graduates of this course are the ones who usually make health and safety procedures for any kind of environment where hazards and risks to life are concerned. Opportunity-wise, Safety and Health graduates will not run out of employers as they could always become health and safety inspectors to any city government. Usually, in any country, before a business, physical structure or even just a proposal of a structure are approved, the health and safety department inspectors should first have an assessment of possible risks and hazards that may be involved. Like let’s say, there is a proposed theme park being pushed by a private sector, and this being the case, the local government would send their foremost health and safety inspectors to look at the plans and to do an ocular. If the inspector thinks that the plan could not push through because the location is prone to flooding or that there could be a gas pipeline that would be running under it or that there is a large amount of methane being spewed off by a marsh land a 100 feet or so away from the proposed site, then it is in their power to not issue a clearance unless these safety concerns were addressed properly.

In the area of industrial safety, Safety and Health course graduates’ expertise would also be quite in demand. This is the setting where there are heavy machines and harmful chemicals at work most of the time like in an oil rig, factories, semi-conductor companies, construction sites, power plants, steel mills and anywhere that requires employees to observe safety rules and regulations at all times, would surely have a safety officer on board at all times. This type of setting would usually require strict rules implementation like wearing proper protective gears and equipments and safety procedures like taking a bath when going in and out of the premises or applying alcohol on the hands every 10 minutes or so depending on the type of hazard the company would expose its employees to.

Of course, all health and safety officers may have different areas of expertise from one another. The field of health and safety is unlike from the field of medicine where one just need to pass a licensure exam and, more or less, all of those who have passed the licensure exam have been gauged to have enough skills to practice medicine. In this field, every skill set need to have a corresponding certification. The more certification a safety and health practitioner has, the more opportunities would be open to them.