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Urban planning deals with urban studies that involve land use planning, transportation planning, urban renewal, designs of settlements, regeneration of cities, and exploration of social environments of municipalities and communities that are urbanized. This study even extends its scope to architecture and landscape architecture. More so, Urban Planning paves the way to the execution of urban planning methods that aim to alleviate and improve the causes of long-term infrastructural decay.

The study of Urban Studies and Planning can be rooted to Roman’s ancient civilization, the time when city planning was done for military defense and civil convenience. At present, the concept behind city planning is mainly linked to sustainable development and sustainability of a particular city or region as it faces problems cause by overuse of natural resources, pollution, and the rise of social inequality, ecosystem annihilation, and large-scale climate change. As a result, there is efficient use of land, better access to transportation, efficient use of resources, less pollution and waste, good housing and settlement, healthy social ecology, restoration and conservation of natural resources, and even preservation of the city’s culture and values.

Students who take the course are able to learn theories and practices that will enable them to build livable communities in the future. With the kind of education they will acquire, challenges along their way of completing the course will be faced to spark and bring about social change in much larger contexts.

There are many communities around the world that are impacted with natural calamities, worse, natural disasters triggered by man’s irresponsible actions and activities. As students learn the principles behind the study of Urban Studies and Planning, reconstruction of previously destructed areas will take place.

The course highlights many areas of studies that discuss the right participation when it comes to planning, supporting, recovery, and rebuilding of communities and cities. Apart from that, students get to develop their skills and capabilities in various planning events like public administration. During the period of the course, students get to immerse themselves to holistic approaches that will not just study various urban environments but how they become a part of the social, historical, and cultural aspects of urban areas. To create skilled and responsible professionals, universities and other educational institutions offering Urban Studies and Planning should make clear the relevance of complementing their course with other in-depth understanding and studies of equally relevant subject matters that include: nonprofit leadership, geographic information systems, historic preservation, urban design and housing, environmental studies and public culture among others.

The expeditious urbanization of the last century paved the way to various significant changes and demand for planning the utilization of resources and the desire to restructure urban landscapes to make it much better place to live in.

Graduates of the course are expected to become excellent and legitimate urban planners who will initiate improvements and betterments in cities that undergo a total makeover and makeshift that will help in resolving urban issues and manifest principles, practices, and actions needed in addressing urban concerns.

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