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Motorsports are proving to be more and more popular. Motorsports are a compelling, aggressive world-wide industry where the involved businesses require the use of design and processes that are at the most advanced level. Engineering in the motorsports concern the highest quality of engineering solutions in planning, construction and dependability.

Motorsports are essentially highly competitive events where some type of motorized vehicle is used. Most commonly, cars, street and off-road motorcycles and trucks are involved with these types of competitions. Depending on the objective, the event may or may not include racing.

Some of the most well-known and favorite events include those of open wheel racing, such as Formula One and the Indy Car Series. The cars racing in open wheel racing are made with their wheels located outside of the body of the car. Enclosed wheel car racing is also very popular around the world. As you can guess from the name, in this type of racing, the wheels of the car are not as exposed and are more hidden under the body of the car. Sports car racing, stock car racing and touring car racing are the three most prominent and attractive style of enclosed wheel car racing.

Many motorsports involve some type of racing, such as auto car racing, motorcycle racing, air racing, boat racing, truck racing, snowmobile racing and even lawn mower racing! Other styles of motorsport, not involving as much speed or competitive races, include tractor pulling, freestyle moto- cross, drifting, gymkhana, and regularity rally.

In order for motorsports to be possible, not only do you have to find enough people who actually enjoy this type of extreme adrenaline rush, but you also need plenty of intelligent people who have the drive to engineer these intricate vehicles. Motorsport engineering requires professionals to apply mathematics, scientific and practical knowledge so that they can invent, create, design, research and maintain dependable vehicles that are safe for such extreme use.

Motorsport engineering is one of the most exciting branches of engineering out there. Highly intelligent people who have a passion for these types of extreme motorsports particularly thrive in this area. Motorsport engineering is crucial to the success of such popular racing and events; without them Formula One and motorcycle racing just wouldn’t be possible. These engineers’ precision and attention to detail is so important and essentially can make the difference between a safe event and a disaster.

If you think you might be interested in working as a motorsport engineer, you have many great options of where you can study motorsport engineering. One of the most highly recommended schools is the University of Derby located in the United Kingdom. Their courses are fast paced, hands on and say they will put you on the right track for a successful career in this exciting industry. Another exceptional place to study this type of engineering is at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis, which was actually the very first university in the United States to offer a bachelor’s degree in motorsport engineering. Other reputable schools to study motorsport engineering include; the University of Central Lancashire, located in the United Kingdom, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte in the United States and Brunel University of London, also found in the UK.

Working as a motorsport engineer includes designing, constructing and even test driving and racing the vehicles created. Again these vehicles will range from open or enclosed wheel cars, motorcycles, trucks, among more. If you are the type of person who has superior practical skills, is highly interested in motorsports and has the drive to use knowledge of engineering technology, this could be the perfect career path for you. If you are an effective problem solver and enjoy analyzing and interpreting data, you just might want to look into seriously moving forward with motorsport engineering as a future career goal. The profession allows for so many directions and opportunities to grow and better develop your passion.

Aston Martin, Multimatic, Bowler, Truimph Motorcylces and EPM Technologies are some of the principle companies who hire people with degrees and experience in motorsport engineering. Other businesses who look for motorsport engineers include Dunlop Motorsport, Lotus, Ford and Jaguar.

If you feel passionate about motorsports and working behind the scenes to design and construct the vehicles used to make these sports possible, working as a motorsport engineer just might be the ideal way for you to combine your passion and career. So change your future by studying motorsport engineering and make this dream job your reality.