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A branch of zoology which deals with the study of insects is known as entomology. Entomologists are the scientists who specialize in the field of entomology. Entomologists carry on collecting facts about insects. They work in areas namely pest control, beekeeping and insect diseases; pest control; the effects of pesticides on mammals, insects and birds, and mammals; and the teaching and classification in areas of biology such as morphology, behavior, physiology, ecology and life history.

Entomologists are primarily engrossed in how each and every kind of insect which are either harmful or beneficial to humans. They study the insects’ origin, maturity, composition, distribution and habits. They also work in various universities, as well as for private industry and government agencies. They also provide assistance to chemists developing different insecticides, livestock pests, farmers control crop and researches on various diseases caused by insects.

The insects together with their relatives like the mites, spiders and ticks play outstanding representation systems for the comprehension of the world of biology. Entomologists are studying the insects from the cellular level and reaches to their life when it comes to the ecosystem level of organization; this study comes in areas of ecology, evolution, morphology, physiology, genetics, behavior and toxicology. There is also a considerable functional element to Entomology which concentrates on imperative environmental, public health, economic collisions of insects. The major of Entomology provides the students with a foundational background in biological sciences as well as with an intensive applied entomology and insect biology study. Within the Entomology major, there are numerous opportunities for the students to take specializations in areas like systematic entomology, apiculture, acarology, pest management, toxicology and arthropod physiology.

The Entomology major provides a superb and exceptional background in the field of biological sciences for the students who desire to finish and practice a professional degree in veterinary medicine, medicine, and education. Students of Entomology regularly prefer careers as college professors or research scientists. For such careers, the students as a requirement must first obtain their Ph.D. degree. Most of the Ph.D. students, serve as teaching and research assistants as part of their initial training, and in this manner make a large part of both their educational and living expenses during their stay in graduate school. In the private sectors, a masteral degree may suffice for a position on product development or research.

Moreover, the courses of Entomology combined with the real life experiences in laboratories, fields, museums, and actual scenarios qualify the students for focused positions in public service and industry. Students who have completed a B.S. degree in Entomology usually take positions in institutional, agricultural, governmental agencies which focus on pesticides and pest control as well as with the urban pest management.

As Entomology professional the salaries ranges according to the area of interest, placement and background of the student. Students who have completed graduate degrees can anticipate earning to a large extent compared with students who have completed a bachelor’s degree. The salaries in general depend upon a range of market trend changes and economic factors.