Studies & Degrees in Applied Science

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Applied Science refers to the application of one or more natural sciences to practical problems. The study of applied science will not only provide students with a broad understanding of various scientific principles, but also with the skills required to apply their knowledge for solving problems and providing solutions to a range of practical situations. These are crucial skills that are sought after by employers and thus prove to be immensely advantageous when entering the workforce.

Courses for Studying Applied Science

Courses for applied science are offered by various universities and colleges for students with a keen interest in science. These courses are offered at both Bachelor’s as well as Master’s levels. A Bachelor’s or Master’s course in applied science provides students with a broad background in basic sciences. The degree duration is the same as other under graduate (3-4 years) or post graduate (1-2 years) degree courses. Candidates who study applied science are often required to choose from a diverse range of specializations, depending upon their career aspirations. Students can choose a major or two majors from a wide variety of options that range from biology, chemistry, physics, to forensic science, agronomy, horticulture and so on.

Admission Requirements for Studying Applied Science

The admission requirements for being admitted into a degree course in applied science can vary from one university to another. However, depending on the degree one is applying to, they would have to meet the basic requirements of a Master’s or Bachelor’s course. Previous qualification and/or experience in a scientific discipline may be required by some institutes; however, a keen interest in science is usually desired by all. The student applying for a course in applied science should be interested not only in learning the theories of science, but also in the practical application of the same.

Career Options

Studying Applied Science opens up a lot of career options for students. Applied science scholars are in usually high demand- by various industries and sectors. However, where one can find employment would depend on their specialization.

If you complete a short course in applied science fields like nursing and midwifery, you can apply for relevant positions at healthcare centers or you can use the certificate as a leg-up for studying medicine. A number of professional memberships await you if you take up animal and plant production and management studies, and you can be a part of research teams or take up experimental agriculture. With a degree in forensic sciences to your resume, you can clinch law enforcement and crime investigation positions at national and international agencies.

Broadly, the careers fields that are open to applied science graduates include- agronomy, crop sciences, conservation, animal husbandry, crop management, forensic sciences, midwifery, nursing, paramedic work, and psychotherapy or sports sciences. The courses essentially provide students with the practical knowledge that makes you invaluable to employers, boosting one’s value in the job market when you seek employment.