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Studies & Degrees in Research Methodology

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Research Methodology Study Programs

Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Villanueva de la Cañada

Research methodology usually refers to social methodology as a full fledged course by itself. Research is an essential part of every discipline, and the research methods that are relevant to a particular field of study is incorporated in the main course. For example, research methodology for education studies is a part of the subject itself. Pure and applied sciences have their own trains of research, and the qualitative and quantitative measures to be applied are taught as a part of the main curriculum. Social research methodology is a part of sociology and is a subject by itself.

Qualities Required / Acquired

Apart from meeting the educational requirements of a university and falling safe of the cut off percentages, a student aspiring to dapple in social research methodology must be well versed with various principles of sociology. You must be aware of the problems currently faced by the people of your society, and the emerging patterns of social change. It is only when you are tuned in to the needs and desires of the  people of a society can you analyze how to reach out to the populations, and what researches must be conducted and what exactly you need to know about a population.

Research Methodology Courses

Both full time and part time social research methodology courses are available at universities, and the part times students are more often than not working in relevant fields gaining hands-on experience in their field of study. Social research methodology teaches you learn about data collection, getting together sample groups that represent all the diverse sections of a society, quantitative and qualitative methods of collection and analyzing data. You are taught to design researches, execute the program and evaluate your results to see if your questions have been answered and objectives met. You will also be allowed to experience being a part of research teams as field trips and internships are often a part of the courses offered.

The courses offered differ in the specific areas that the research is based on. A course that teaches its students to conduct researches on religion educates them about religion histories, the qualitative and quantitative differences among religions and the structuring of questions when addressing a topic this sensitive. A scientist, on the other hand, is taught the numerical systems to calculate probabilities, compare and contrast the outcomes of different experiments and proper recording of the research and experiments done.

Career Options

A person with a degree in social research methodology is invaluable for national and international agencies that design welfare programs for populations. You could be a part of the research teams working with agencies like UN, Medecins Sans Frontiers, Red Cross and other voluntary organizations that extend help to the deserving.

Your researches can also serve to help governments understand their populations better. Social change, social actions and social movements can all be studied via proper research, and if recent events are anything to go by, it is essential for governments to have their hands on the pulses of their people