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Level: Undergraduate Bachelors     Location: Villanueva de la Cañada

E-commerce or electronic commerce is known as online commerce versus the real-world commerce. The field of E-commerce covers bonds, stocks and banking, retail shopping, airline booking, real estate transactions, movie rentals, and auctions, every kind of business can benefit from it because they can make use of the World Wide Web to introduce their products and services to greater markets aside from local marketing and direct selling.

Before E-commerce used to require expensive interfaces and security certificates, but nowadays, virtual storefronts are now available by various hosting services and large Internet domains like Yahoo! and eBay which offer easy and hassle free online solutions to vendors. The tools for running E-commerce websites are built-in in hosting servers which eliminates the need for individual sellers as the online tools can acts as sales and inventory logs, shopping carts and wide array of payment options which include secured payment transactions.

Improved technology has eradicated the fears in terms of security, and it has made a lot of people to feel confident on buying online. E-commerce has the full potential to guarantee the cardholders that they are not responsible for charges against online shopping; such factors have paved way to improve the industry as to date.

The widely growing recognition of E-commerce is explicable taking into consideration the hassle and time involved in going to one store to another, and then looking for an item. The employee overhead is practically fictional, and the annual fee for an E-commerce website is small. Comparing these to storefront property rental, for instance a place in the mall, E-commerce has definitely offered decrease on overhead expenses. Most of all, transactions are facilitated by software processes, it never requires a real individual to packed and deliver a product. Such shows real time business savings, as an effect, real world enterprises can most of the time unable to compete with the E-commerce units in terms of real savings.

Ecommerce enables the consumers exchange goods and services electronically having no difficulties on distance and time. Over the last five years, E-commerce has accelerated quickly, and in the future, it is predicted to eliminate the boundaries of electronic and conventional commerce among businesses and thus more sections of the industries will move their operations towards the Internet.

In order to start an E-commerce based business, one must know the vital details of starting their own online stores. They should find a product which consumers will most likely find it difficult to find inside the department stores or malls. The next step would be finding the modes of accepting payment transactions online; this involves either accepting credit cards or having a merchant account as the mode of online payments. Then lastly, one must have a marketing strategy to drive the target market toward their website and they should be able to entice their target customers. As a whole, if everything has ended perfectly well, then E-commerce can be proven to be a significantly rewarding endeavor to make money. However, making money is not just overnight, it also calls for working hard and making effective decisions.