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Database technology is the scientific study that involves creating, organizing, and maintaining information for storage in a computer, such as used in businesses for customer account data. Databases have been made (by computer scientists) for easy access to databases, improve entry speed, and develop the method of preventing unauthorized users to obtain, examine, or retrieve data. A ‘data base’ is a collection of entries containing item information that can vary in its storage media and in the characteristics of its entries and items.

The student in this course earns the degree in Associated in Arts (AA) degree in Database Technology where he learns the skills in programming, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the database system. In school, the student learns about the database as a generalized collection of data not linked to one set of functional questions but with such information files set up on disc to form the data base for a fully integrated production control system. He could learn that the data base from which the volumes are compiled is maintained on magnetic tape and should be updated on a weekly basis.  

Being a learner of the course it is but right for the student to know more about what scope the study has generated. In 1964 a new coinage emerged in the computer literature denoting collections of data shared by end-users on time-sharing computer systems. In the commercial data processing world, the proper database did show the collected data which came about from merging data requirements of separate applications. Being an engrossing course, the student learns the function of databases in the world of business such as how databases were used in the organization and storage of essential data. Problems on hackers’ attacks were lessened through the knowledge of susceptibility of databases and the precautionary systems being undertaken to guarantee security.

The curriculum for the degree is: 1. theoretical idea of database – student’s study on the essentials of the use of database, questions on removals; 2. planning and organizing – filling up the databases, and discussions on the involved database samples; 3. application and direction – managing, administering the database system, and securing data; and 4. program designing and development of languages for databases.

Where to study database technology is not a problem for students who want to pursue the career. They can enroll at, among others: the College of Southern Nevada, in Las Vegas; Strayer University; Kaplan University; Walden University; DeVry University; University of Phoenix; Wake Technical Community College, North Carolina; Brevard Community College; and schools located in Alabama, Arkansas, Columbia (D.C.), Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, and Mississippi.

Career and job opportunities are numerous in the field of database technology, for example: Software Engineer; Database Developer; computer programmer aide; junior programmer; senior programmer; data manager; programmer analyst; mid-range computer specialist; desktop publisher, production designer, electronic publisher, illustrator, multimedia specialist, multimedia presentation developer, interface designer, computer graphic designer, and project manager; Network systems and data communications analyst; Webmaster; analyst; computer scientist; database administrator; works found in Government and financial and educational institutions.

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