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The study of Greek Language and Literature is one of the classical studies in humanities that prepare students to acquire an in-depth understanding of Greek philosophy, language, and literature. The program is outlined and established to let students take courses that delve into the early and influential Greek philosophers namely Plato, Aristotle, Homer, and Herodotus. Literature, a vital aspect facet of the course, will make students comprehend how plays written by Aeschylus, Sophocles, and other known ancient writers helped shape modern Greece and the world today.

Students who acquire Greek Language and Literature degree are provided with many opportunities. They may teach classics, conduct research in mythology and archeology, explore Greek knowledge and theories for further research and applications, and write publishable materials that highlight the different facets of the program. Though the program is one of the rarest academic programs for graduate and undergraduates, it aims to attract more students and immerse them with textual studies which they can employ in doing useful research and developing learning materials and resources for academic purposes.

Being one of the major classical studies, the program also tackles related areas that will give students immeasurable insights on modern literature, including theater studies. The structured curriculum of Greek Language and Literature is designed to further evaluate and understand deeper knowledge found in Greek original and ancient texts like the Bible. It will serve as a principal key in studying Greek lexicon which greatly involves the study of resources from the ancient world.

There are a limited number of academic institutions offering the program across the globe and every educational institution’s goal is to provide students with a learning opportunity about topics related to the language and literature of Greece. Greek texts and Latin texts will be explored side by side to aid students in working out valuable ancient texts, translations, catalogs, philological tools, and ancient essays among others.

In terms of Greek language study, students will gain a wider view of all Greek grammatical endings, pronunciation, and vocabulary in all their original forms while reading the works of the ancient writers like epics, essays, plays, novels, and poems among others. In every subject included in the curriculum, there will be a detailed study of Greek’s texts and sounds, too. The prominence of the Greek language, which can be traced back to the ancient Greek literature, pre-classical, classical, to Hellenistic, Roman period, and the Modern Greek, is still prevalent and this is the reason why students of the program should master the language—most specifically to speak and understand modern Greek language.

As students learn the spoken and traditions of Greece, together with the current dialects and uses of the language, they will be equipped with the right education and knowledge on how to apply everything they have learned in the best of their ability. Other fields which are part of the program include Greek history, art, and anthropology.

Many huge academic institutions welcome all graduates and Greek Language and Literature degree-holder in getting teaching position. Their skills and education of the program serve as a strong qualification in teaching the program.