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Samoan Studies program focuses on teaching students with the language, the culture, the society, along with studies related to Samoan art history, education, music, and history. The program introduces everything that can be learned and taught about the Samoan region as it provides an excellent pathway to students who want to acquire productive and worthy learning experience.

Students who have Samoan origin would be drawn on their Samoan heritage and the program will let them understand important aspects of Samoan culture, tradition, practices, and way of life. Such facets of a specific society will help students acquire significant knowledge about the significant group of Pacific Islands people that inhabit in New Zealand.

Samoa, which comprises 50% of Pacific Islands population (approximately 120,000), officially known as the Independent State of Samoa, is a rich country located in the western part of the Samoan Islands, in the south of Pacific Ocean. It acquired its independence from New Zealand in 1962 and with its affluence in terms of heritage and culture; the world of Samoans has become an indispensable part of world history and world culture and arts.

Samoan Studies delve into the dynamic changes that have taken place in this corner of the world as it serves as a stimulating training foreground in pursuing research cases and analysis. The program will not only let students effectively communicate using the Samoan language, the third most spoken language in New Zealand, but will get them interested and absorbed in learning more about Samoan cultural identity.

After completing the course, students will get a good chance in acquiring teaching positions in New Zealand schools to teach the Samoan language and culture to the young bloods. Graduates of Samoan Studies are also qualified to take duties and responsibilities of social workers as they are equipped with skills, knowledge, and education to become effective public servants.

The benefits of learning the Samoan language will be apparent as Samoan Studies degree holders can give their contribution in imparting better understanding of the Samoan community. The language and culture skills acquired by students of the course serve as their strengths and qualifications in landing a job that deals with language that is written and translated for resource development. Various sectors of the society provide students of the course career opportunities that will make them excellent in various sectors of the both the public and private spheres namely health, education, justice system, social work, and in business industries.

The courses included in the curriculum will give students, graduate and postgraduates, proper understanding and appreciation of Samoan people by having their own research that pertains to disseminating knowledge on Samoan Studies. Some of the subjects included in the curriculum that are worth taking note are: the modern world and Samoa, the archeology of Samoa, the important periods of Samoan history, the Samoan language, culture, economy, politics, and the social changes that have taken place in the country.

Samoan Studies is certainly an interesting and challenging course to pursue because it provides students with immense bodies of knowledge about this tiny region of the world.