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The most remarkable differentiation between human and the rest of the animal kingdom happens to be the intellect. Unlike other life forms, the homo sapiens is endowed with superb intelligence that best explains the many different discoveries of men in an array of fields. No wonder, the human brain has been the most interesting subject of study considering its progressive development in history. As a matter of fact, it is believed that human ancestors develop huge and complex brains with progressively increasing potential courtesy of its interesting evolutionary process. Furthermore, intellectual development is further triggered by significant factors such as environmental and biological factors. Nonetheless, human intelligence happens to be an imponderable subject of study which inspired the science of artificial intelligence studies.

According to John McCarthy, artificial intelligence is the science and engineering of creating intelligent machines. In particular, this discipline dates back in the ancient times in Greece when myths were told about intellectual machines such as the bronze robot Talos of Crete. The used-to-be science fiction came into reality with Alan Turing’s mathematical computation theory. Such study was further pursued through the project called Al research led by MsCarthy, Minski, Newell, and Simon. Realization of its ends though only commenced in the onset of the 21st century hence the successful IBM’s question answering system.

Al’s research took 50 years before the science gets fully developed. No wonder, many different approaches have been introduced on this field of study consist of symbolic (cognitive, logic, anti-logic, and knowledge-based), sub-symbolic (bottom-up and computational intelligence), statistical (mathematics and operations research), and neuroscience (information theory). Integration of multiple approaches was likewise established courtesy of agent architecture, intelligent agent, and cognitive architectures. In the same way, multiple tools were established such as control theory, language, logic, neural networks, search optimization, probability, and statistics. Applications also range in various fields like competitions, philosophy, probability, and prediction.

Relevance of artificial intelligence in the society brought about pertinent programs in the academe. This further holds true both in graduate and undergraduate schools worldwide. Bachelor’s degree conferred consists of specializations in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics, and Cognitive Science. Accessible graduate curricula include Master in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence, and Doctor in Artificial Intelligence. Associate degrees may also be considered in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Electronics and Computer, and Information Systems. Academic institutions offering these programs include University of Birmingham, University of Groningen, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Career opportunities await Artificial Intelligence specialists in many different fields. Research and development companies comprise an attractive employment niche such as Acquired Intelligence Incorporated, Logic Programming Associates, and International Business Machines. Non-governmental organizations may also offer job placements in the likes of Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence, and Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence. National Governments may also organize projects such as the CAGE Project of United States National Defense. Academic institutions may also offer teaching posts to competent professionals interested at sharing their expertise in the academe.