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Studies & Degrees in Classical Medieval and Renaissance Studies

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Classical Medieval and Renaissance Studies are centered on discovering and examining the origins of the modern world. The course involves a multi-disciplinary method that examines the metamorphosis of ancient thinking patterns to more modern ones. The course will also include studying architecture and art from periods between roughly 700 B.C. to A.D. 1600. There will also be an insightful and comprehensive study of the languages and cultures predominant during this period.
A course like this usually involves an intersection three dimensions namely the cultural, the intellectual as well as the historical highlights of the period. This is what makes the course truly exciting and unique. The extent of each of these aspects widely depends on where you choose to do your course from. However, the fundamentals of these courses are usually the same.

The course content of these courses varies according to the college and individual choice. Some of the most common subjects studied include Medieval and Renaissance civilization, literature, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Literature, Literature before 1700, Western Europe Culture and Literature from 5th to 15th Century, Art histories, Medieval Philosophy, Medieval Church History, Arabic Culture and Philosophy and so on.

Required Attributes and Qualification
  • If you are going for the undergraduate course, you must have opted for History in junior college.
  • Similarly, if you are going for a Masters degree, it always helps if you have a BA degree or diploma in history, cultural studies or linguistics.
  • The course basically requires an aptitude and passion for history, cultural studies. So passion for different cultures and languages is a must.
  • Different universities have varying standards for selection which may include an entrance test, a personal interview, group discussions etc.
  • Again, there are also a few universities that require a minimum amount of work experience before you can enroll for the course.
Study Options

Most universities offer Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Classical Medieval and Renaissance Studies. These courses could be Honors degrees, four year courses or even Double Honors. Again, if you want to minor in Classical Medieval and Renaissance Studies, there are many colleges that will offer this option as well. If you are looking to take it to the next level, you can go for research studies in Classical Medieval and Renaissance Studies as well. Most of these courses last for 24 months.

Career Options

Career opportunities with Classical Medieval and Renaissance Studies are varied and broad. Since the course involves an intimate and detailed study of human nature and social constructs across various ages, it can be put to use in various professions. Government organization, industry, business etc. are all open to students with this kind of qualification. In fact, an arts degree of this nature opens to the door to a career politics, journalism, academics, museum interpretation, religious studies, archival work and diplomatic services.

The best thing about these courses is that many universities give students the freedom to customize their course and study various subjects such as anthropology, art, archeology, drama art history etc. with their course in Classical Medieval and Renaissance Studies.