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Studies & Degrees in Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology

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Epidemiology is a discipline that involves the investigation of the correlation between various determinants and resulting outcomes in terms of health. In fact, Epidemiology in Clinical and Psychosocial studies is considered to be central to research in Health Sciences as well as Medical studies. The correlation between the sharp increase in the number of people with chronic diseases and their psychosocial disposition towards these ailments is alarming. Various factors such as public mental health, quality and standard of living are some factors that come together and cause these problems. In Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology studies, students are trained to use basic concepts in complex issues to find a solution
Students are made to conduct research in order through the Master’s program which will result in a final thesis. This project usually begins right at the beginning of the course giving students a hands-on experience of research. This gives students all the required experience and skill to carry out research in the field. Students are assigned to senior researches in a discipline of their choice. However, the individual performance and aptitude of each student is also taken into consideration. As students pass through various stages of the course, they are offered a host of opportunities to sharpen their skills and get better at their work. Many universities conduct periodic meetings where students can develop their scientific thinking.

Requirements and Qualifications
  • The student must possess a Bachelor’s degree or diploma in Medical Sciences, Psychology or any other health science based program
  • The student must also have a TOEFL score of 580 or above
  • Motivation to learn more and contribute towards the world of medicine and Health Sciences is a must
  • Depending on the college in question, the student may have to appear in an entrance test, personal interview, group discussion or any other method of evaluation required by the college
Career Prospects

The course focuses on taking students from basic concepts and ideas to more advanced ones during the duration of the course. It involves a lot of mandatory group based models that provide students with the fundamental knowledge of Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology. Students who finish this course also get an excellent chance to pursue their PhD studies in health studies throughout the world. Even if students do not go for PhD studies, they have various options when it comes to positions in private as well as public organizations. These organizations could be connected with health research and development, health insurance, municipal health services and various others.

A lot of PhD scholars also take up these positions at important organizations. So they have the option of studying while pursuing a career at the same time. This, obviously, depends on the organization as well as the university you are pursuing your PhD in.

A course in Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology needs the student to be committed to health care and medical research. The field is buzzing with opportunities. A course of this kind will only improve your chances of pursuing your passion for medical studies and health sciences.