Studies & Degrees in Human Behaviour in Social Contexts

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The study of human behavior in social contexts is based on the analysis of empirical data in a theory-driven manner. This gives students a chance to look at generalized explanations to human behavioral patterns in a social set-up. Most courses on human behavior in social contexts look to impart skills, understanding and most importantly, the knowledge of behavioral and social sciences in a way that it can be used in further research activities. Students can study human behavior in social contexts at the under-graduate, post graduate or PhD level as well.

The beauty of any course in human behavior in social contexts is that it fuses a number of other disciplines of research such as psychology, educational sciences as well as sociology in an effort to understand human behavior in various social situations. The methodology and theory used in these courses are usually advanced and help students develop themselves in a better manner. Typical topics included in these research studies include commitment, solidarity behavior and motivation.
Like many other courses, human behavior in social contexts studies requires students to select specializations from a host of subjects. Some of the most common subjects in this area include Education and Development, Sociology, Psychometrics and Statistics, Clinical Psychology, Social and Organizational Psychology amongst many others.

Required Qualifications and Skills
  • Most universities offering this course expect students to be highly motivated, talented and ambitious
  • Students looking to pursue a career related to scientific research are usually preferred
  • Good knowledge of the English language always helps. For example, if you have a TOEFL score of 600 or more, you can consider that aspect covered
  • Students must be sufficiently qualified in various fields of science
  • Strong command over the knowledge of statistics is also considered to be a plus. There are various tests and modules that can help you test your aptitude in statistics so you know which way you are headed.
  • A good set of motives and aims is a must to get into anything related to science.
Since different universities differ in terms of the selection process, they use various methods for assessment and selection. Personal interviews, group discussions, pressure tests are quite common when it comes to selection process.

Career Alternatives

In a field as in-depth as this one, you can expect a lot of open avenues. There are many organizations, private and public that requires loads of research activity in human behavior. In fact, Industrial Psychology is one such field where human behavior in social situations becomes very important. Many companies trying to understand employee dynamics are more than willing to hire individuals qualified in this area.

You can always opt to take up lecturing as a profession. Most individuals who do this usually continue their research side-by-side. This gives them a chance to dig deeper into the realms of human behavior while pursuing a career in the field as well. Conceptualizing social sciences with respect to human behavior is an endless ocean in itself. This makes the field that much more enthralling for most students.